Top 5 Most Overhyped Video Games

Game Rant writes, "Chances are you’ve heard this scenario before: a new game is announced at a big event like E3 or PAX. You’re told what the game will contain and you’re instantly excited. Time passes and more information is released, increasing your excitement, and fan theories stir the interest even more. Finally, perhaps after a delay or two, the game is released, but it ultimately fails to live up to your expectations.

This isn’t always the fault of the gamers setting high expectations, though. Sometimes the companies behind these games promise great things and just cannot/do not deliver. Other times, something goes wrong and the game isn’t as good as it could’ve been, or deadlines get out of control and a game is rushed out unfinished. For one reason or another, sometimes games just fall victim to hype.

Game Rant has come together to list 5 games that are prime examples of that overhype. Games that, either through the companies promoting them or the fans wanting them, were hyped as the next big thing and in some way, didn’t deliver or meet expectations."

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Seijoru3135d ago

"It had a hand in starting the “superhero sandbox” subgenre"

Did this guy forget Spiderman 2 or the Hulk game?

frostyhat1233135d ago

You guys didn't include Gta IV! :) I'm not the only one who thought it lived up to the hype!

Quagmire3135d ago

It was overhyped sure, but the games on the list failed to meet consumer expectations. Many people, despite its flaws, thought GTA4 was still a great game.

HolyOrangeCows3135d ago

"It had a hand in starting the “superhero sandbox” subgenre"

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction DEFINITELY set the way for games like Infamous, Prototype, etc. And how many other "superhero sandboxes" do we even have?

Call_me_Ishmael3135d ago

For me the most overhyped games if definitely ff13,but if you think about it it was the people who made it overhyped

'Have no expectations,to get no disappointments'

knifefight3135d ago

Exactly. Fans create a lot of hype themselves. When the first import review of FF13 hit the internet and read "7/10" at the end, people wanted to murder the writer and disregard the website entirely.
Then it came out and the masses were like "Oh..."

People do this to themselves.

dirthurts3135d ago

Seriously, every time a new Halo rolls around I get amped, but then just get let down. Halo 2 was the last real leap in quality.
And where is down the sights aiming? It's not 1990 here...

GameRant3135d ago

In our expanded lists we included one of the Halo games as being overhyped, before we cut it down to 5.

ethan3135d ago

I'm surprised GTA4 didn't make the list. I personally loved GTA4 and remains one of my favorite games this generation, but the masses don't seem to agree with me.

knifefight3135d ago

Black and White's not on that list?
The writer hasn't been around long enough. All of those games are way recent.

GameRant3135d ago

We did have older games, including Daikatana, but we took out older ones when we cut it to 5.

knifefight3135d ago

Probably should've had a "...Of (Insert time period)" then because this just made me shake my head.

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The story is too old to be commented.