Final Fantasy VII Inspirational to Imageepoch CEO

"On its Japanese launch day, then-teenage Ryoei Mikage just happened to be wandering around a game shop, looking for something to pop into his dad’s new PlayStation — something that wasn’t Myst. This being his first time actually in such a store, he asked what the clerk thought would be good, and was thus introduced to Final Fantasy VII." -PSLS

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imoutofthecontest2813d ago

He's a pretty young CEO, wow.
Kinda explains why Imageepoch's games have been kinda so-so to this point >_>
They're definitely getting better as they go, though. Final Promise Story looks like a typical JRPG honestly but I am cautiously optimistic about Black Rock Shooter.

Stealth20k2812d ago

Why? Because it looks like a shooter? Get over yourself

Imagepoch has been making amazing rpgs for years and years.

knifefight2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

It doesn't look like a Shooter at all. Why, do you think it does, Stealth?

I agree with Contest.
Sorry, I didn't find Sands of Destruction, Luminous Arc, or Fate to be anything more than average. I'm far from alone.

Fate/Extra, Last Ranker, and 7th Dragon didn't even come to America...and for good reason. They're nothing special =/

Sorry man, maybe they've won you over but I approach things with a little more caution.

imoutofthecontest2809d ago

What amazing games have they made?

And yeah, why exactly do you think BLS looks like a shooter? It's an RPG. Don't let the name fool you.

Scyrus2812d ago

soooo, ffvii inspired final promise to become a first person jrpg? thats fail.

even if the story is as amazing as it looks, the FP combat ruined it for millions of possible buyers including me.

FP would be fine if it would Pan out and show the characters attack like dragonquest 8 but it doesnt, its just some lame slash mark and number. Soooo lame.

how can you have an iconic attack like omnislash look awesome in first person? laaame

knifefight2812d ago

If you read the article, no, it doesn't say that at all.

Where'd you get that idea? o_o

doctorstrange2813d ago

Nowadays: "Try Black Ops, it's the best game eva!"

knifefight2813d ago

Game was my second RPG. Breath of Fire III and FF7 ushered me into one of my favorite genres. Ah the times we had....

BigWoopMagazine2813d ago

Those are still two of my favorite RPGs ever. Hard to play those games and then Not want to be involved in making more.

Simco8762813d ago

Hopefully Final Fantasy returns to those roots next time around.

Lifewish2813d ago

couldn't agree more about FFVII, it should be inspirational to anyone making RPGs