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Therealspy033137d ago

me either. but i find it a bit suspicious that we got no demo and still no reviews...

Rybakov3137d ago

saw some actual game play of it looked totally sweet

antz11043137d ago

Me too, only reason it feels like it's almost here is because of the tv spots just starting. Can't wait!

GameGambits3137d ago

Been hyped on this for years. Most anticipated game of 2011 for me. Only a day away. :D

ShadowArchangel3137d ago

Very interested in this game. Sadly it's gonna have to wait until it's cheap for PC at least. =( Sucks.

mamac1233137d ago

r u kidding easily get this for £20

ShadowArchangel3137d ago

Assuming I have 20 lol
Don't have any money until June.

SynysteR3137d ago

Nice trailer, Looking badass! Just hope PSN is back up in time.

BX813137d ago

I doubt PSN will be up by tomorrow. I think maybe 2 more weeks the most. This game is gonna be pretty sweet with online. I think you can jump into a friends game when ever you want

No Way3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Take it with a grain of salt, but someone on Amazon said:
"Sony has stated today that PSN may not be back online until May 31.."
I haven't heard Sony state that, nor do I care to look it up, but yeah.
Which he also stated they said that "even then is "uncertain."" Ugh!

So, who knows when it will be back up, unfortunately.

BX813136d ago

Wow. That would suck if it's true. I was going to re up my DC Universe online sub but I really don't feel like dealing with the hassle if something like this happened again. It sucks because DC is a pretty sweet game. Who would've thought that one day we would be sucking because of some hackers. Kinda crazy when you think about it.

gravemaker3137d ago

very bad game, already played if for couple of hours

Headquarters113137d ago

Why? and Where at?

I think this game will get real repetitive real fast.

ddurand13137d ago

care to explain this?

the gameplay and maps look very diverse.

BlitzAK3137d ago

He played an unreleased game. I wonder how. If he hasn't heard of Quakecon then he has no clue about this game at all. SInce thats the only place where they tested it.

antz11043137d ago

You hear that noise? Oh yeah, its the b.s. meter going off the charts!

ddurand13137d ago

looks like PSN being down is saving me a few dollars on this game. If it was up I would have bought it already.

Ravenge3137d ago

I couldn't agree more.

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The story is too old to be commented.