Uncharted's North jokes he'd 'burn someone's house down' to ensure movie is good

Naughty Dog has shared its thoughts on the ongoing development of an Uncharted movie, with Drake voice actor Nolan North joking he'll "burn someone's house down" if it infringes on "what we do well".

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Urmomlol3135d ago

The joke is: he's not joking

Crazyglues3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Yeah I get that feeling too..

-But sadly we all know the Movie is going to suck... Big time... Mark Wahlberg is playing Drake, if that alone does not make it clear then I don't know what will..

Mark Wahlberg is so far from Drake you might as well get Brad Pitt..

The Max Payne movie was horrific, and I'm sure Hollywood will do the same with Uncharted. -Mainly because they don't care about making a good movie or a movie true to the game, but instead, they are only concerned with will it make money..

Whenever Mark does a character out of his element he always messes it up, because he's really not an amazing actor he's an average actor...

This movie will blow, and us gamers better just go back to waiting for the game and forget all about the Movie... (if you don't want to be disappointed)

Oh and you know what's really funny -there already was an Uncharted Movie - -LoL


Black_McGrath3135d ago

I'm guessing you haven't watched the fighter.

nickjkl3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

i know right

i heard heath ledger is playing joker what a bad movie this batman will be

and then

face it gamers matter of fact critics arent very ood at portraying whos good at doing anything

Crazyglues3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

@ Black_McGrath & nickjkl

Ok Now don't get me wrong a great actor can come out of no where and make an amazing performance, Heath Ledger was always a good actor... -Big Difference

-But come on Fighter, of course I've seen Fighter, but Like I said he is fine when the person he is trying to be in not a stretch from who he is...

Fighter is not a hard roll for Mark, but Drake will be... Mark is nothing like Drake, it's a far stretch for him to play the Drake in the Video Game..

And just because I'm a gamer does not mean I'm not a Movie Fan, I was a Movie Fanatic far before I ever became a gamer, so don't be so quick to say what you think you know. -Because you would be assuming a lot.


karl3135d ago


but we can be happy that uncharted is as much as a movie as a game can be.... and with uncharted 3 coming .. i couldnt ask for more..

the only reason i wanted an uncharted movie was soo i could share the awesome moments with everyone i know who dont play videogames...

sadly it just wont be the same... well lets keep waiting for U3 =D

Crazyglues3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Well that's a good point Karl, and I'll agree with you on that...

It would have been nice to have a good movie just to show people so they could see the awesome moments of the game in a Movie form...

and it would have been cool for gamers if they could have added to the story to show things we didn't even know about Drake or Sully's background.. -a kind of deeper look at how they meet and came together..

-but I don't think the movie will go that deep or be that interesting, but I'll keep the fingers crossed, but I'm really just gonna look forward to the game..


Zydake3135d ago

From the games I've played with Nolan North's voice he is in fact crazy.

ShAkKa3134d ago

If Jim Carey was younger he would have been perfect for drake's role.

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Uncharted3Goty3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

i approve these message

SonyNGP3135d ago

Is he gonna do it with lemons?

Tyre3135d ago

to quote a comment coming with this article "First off, I'm not a Fillion fanboy, I've no idea what Firefly is and I only watched Serenity for fifteen minutes and it bored me to sleep.HOWEVERI have seen Slither and after watching Slither I came to the conclusion that Nathan Fillion was born into this world just to play Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie. Everything about the guy fits Drake perfectly to the point where I'd swear that Naughty Dog modelled Drake on Fillion, they have the same physical stature, the same dry sarcastic personality and the same Bruce Willis like "ordinary guy thrown in an extraordinary situation" appeal.Problem is Fillion ain't a box office draw, he's not mainstream, ask anyone but a total sci-fi nerd about him and they'll say who? But I would argue that Wahlberg isn't a box office draw either, yeah you've heard of him but does anyone care about him in 2011? If it's true that De Niro is in then that should be enough for the public.Did having no big names hurt District 9? No.TheLastDodoon 9 May '11" Fillion won't interfere with Nolan's work on the will complement on it. Mark Wahlberg is wrong for the IP from a gamers perspective...not from a Hollywood Director's perspective. But were are talking about an experience that is beyond any movie. The game itself and the astounding work and passion by Naughty Dog/actors involved in making this beautiful piece of Entertainment happen...Russel/Wahlberg should 1st and foremost respect this work and handle it with respect to the IP otherwise it is already F#% from the start.

theonlylolking3135d ago

Nolan north should play Drake just like Sam Worthington played the avatar in avatar the movie. Drake cannot be drake unless Noal North is acting as him and Nathan Drake looks like Nathan Drake.

Zydake3135d ago

". . . Nathan Drake looks like Nathan Drake."

You mean?

Nolan North looks like Nathan Drake

tigertron3135d ago

As a fan of Firely/Serenity, I'd say Fillion was born to play Drake. The character "Mal" is basically Nate Drake.

Tyre3134d ago

i'm a fan of Firefly/Serenity too, the quote i used was beneath article making a good argument for Nathan Fillion...he will always be a better candidate(like Nolan himself) than Wahlberg to me...the 1st moment i heard about the movie i though Nathan Fillion would be the man, but Hollywood is just selfrighteous and blind. I still cannot believe he's not playing Nathan's a grave mistake. He was born to do it.

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