Photographer exposes pictures of gamers side to side with their MMO character

Robbie Cooper is an American photographer. A few years ago, he began a journey through Korea, China, France and Germany to photograph "Gamers" playing the MMORPG . He became interested in their alter ego in this virtual world. Interesting work showing the difference (or not) between the person's physical and embodied avatar in the game

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Seijoru2816d ago

I laughed up until the part with the kid :(

GodsHand2815d ago

If you are talking about the guy with the disability, he might be older then you think, check out the hair on his chin.

rockleex2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Most of them look like normal people.

Just like the rest of us! :D

sobekflakmonkey2815d ago

The first two made me laugh and the third one made me sad..

Theonetheonly2814d ago

Chunky kid is a spitting image of his avatar, all the others are liars :)

Dlacy13g2815d ago

@Seijoru... but this is what I think we all love about video games. It allows us to be someone we aren't/can't be. That young man lives in a world that probably constantly looks upon him as different, helpless, you name it.... In his video game world he is a hero, he is able to leap, fly, kick ass... and most importantly... he gets to be just another gamer. He gets a chance to just enjoy with out worrying about what others think of any disability...or if he is fat, bald, old, young, ...he is just a gamer.

I love this article for it shows we as a gaming community really do welcome all walks of life.

Oldman1002815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

So did i. And then i noticed the beard.

NiteX2815d ago

Was that Stephen Hawkings kid or something? Very freaky shit.

chriski3332815d ago

the first fat kid is funny ;]

cannon88002815d ago

The sixth to last pic is one HOT asian chick!

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Emilio_Estevez2816d ago

Only creepy guys go cross gender confirmed.

M4I0N32815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

yeah definitely, funnily enough that reminds me of a scene in a film called Gamer (2009 release with Gerard Butler) which had some fat dude playing some lifelike MMO where he chose to be flirtatious woman.

Here check the scene out:

KDubyah2815d ago

Lmao, I was going to bring that up, as well..
Good movie, but that part is kinda creepy.. :P

M4I0N32815d ago

hahah yeah definitely, it kinda reminded me of the atmosphere in ps Home tbh.

Shackdaddy8362815d ago

The Asian cross-gender one made me lol. He likes his milk shakes XD.

GodsHand2815d ago

And his shirt reads "world without strangers", considering he uses a female avatar.

cannon88002815d ago

His milk shakes bring all the boyz to the yard

soundslike2815d ago

The creepiest are the guys who assume genders by avatars and hit on them.

You deserve every inch of boner kill that comes from the final realization, that:

A. You're hitting on an avatar
B. In an MMO
C. Which is really a dude
D. ...and you didn't even ask if it was.
E. "Wud u lyke 2 get sum milkshakes?"

Kee2815d ago

If I make a character in a game i try to actually make it look a bit like me. But it's hard to do that without spending a long time on it.

fyeitup2815d ago

that last kid is cool as hell, great mmo character

Grave2815d ago

lolz at the huge fatty, thats how i see most MMO players being. Never goes outside and never seen the inside of a gym.

tdrules2815d ago

unlike those incredibly healthy gamers I hear so much about

mrv3212815d ago

MMO's are LARGELY played by older audiences with stable jobs, and use it as a escape, the idea of a fat nerd being a gamer is stupid. I'm a nerd, I played COD 4 for 24+ STRAIGHT, yet I am not fat. 144 pounds at 6 foot.

I also play MMO's... so yeah.

OMG HE'S FAT, So what? Your probably not the prettiest you know.

Dlacy13g2815d ago

nicely said mrv321. I agree... who are we to judge someone else? He is a gamer...thats all that matters.

Now for the sake of your own health...go eat a cheeseburger. 144 at 6 foot... I think I graduated highshool at that weight. :)

mrv3212815d ago

I'm vegitarian, I just got sick of veing judged for the way I look rather than act. I decided to lose what ended up being 60 odd pounds and feel good.

I noticed people treat me better, and that really disgusts me, how your opinion of a person is based on looks, something out of their controls. If you did it on how they acted, their opinions then fine. But on looks.

And to STEREOTYPE, a community of people... it's just odd.

soundslike2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

144 at 6 foot??

Are you an Ethiopian marathon runner?

bangoskank2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Dude, 144 at 6'? You must be a rail. While not as unhealthy as the obese kid that definitely doesn't sound like the pinnacle of fitness. Take care of yourself.

Darkfocus2815d ago

I'm 152 and 6'2 and I'm not anorexically can barely see my ribs :(

KDubyah2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Right? lol. I'm 6'2 and weigh in about 220 pounds, I'm not so 'fat.'
I workout quite a lot, so I got quite some muscle, a bit of a gut.
Though, oddly enough, I have a 'V' and can still see my side ribs.
But, 144? Damn, I almost weigh 100 more pounds than this dude.
Thanks, mrv321, you make me feel like a big fatty now. =/
But, congratulations of losing the weight, good job. Always nice.
And, you're right. The way people judge others out of their control..
It's mind boggling, despicable, and quite frankly .. it's idiotic.

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Grave2815d ago

Wow you guys are pretty fucking sensitive. QQ

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