8.8 | Mortal Kombat Review – It’s what’s inside that counts

It is just shy of two decades since Mortal Kombat first made its bloody appearance in the grimy arcade halls of the world, flaunting animation and levels of violence that shocked parents and set Mortal Kombat apart from its genre rivals with charismatic distinction.

Has Mortal Kombat finally made the comeback that we have all been wanting for years?

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WobblyOnion2720d ago

This game surprised the hell out of me...excellent purchase. The story mode in particular was robust and interesting...and I kinda insist all fighting games have this much single player content.

RedDead2720d ago

Ya I wasn't expecting single player to be so good either, it just isn't typical in fighters.

ianfelmore2720d ago

Two game have been on my 2011 list of must-have games - finished Portal 2 last night and now I cant wait to get my hands on MK! Great review, it is going to be epic!

Ognipode2720d ago

I want this game but I just haven't picked a copy up yet

GavinMannion2720d ago

I bought this game purely for the tag team co-op.... haven't managed to even try it yet though since I have gotten stuck into the single player

ger1012720d ago

Got the game last Friday and, while I'm loving it, the hit detection is broken. Was playing versus with my brother and he could land a few hits when he shouldn't have been able to, as could I. Same thing happens when fighting the CPU.

I hope NetherRealm fixes it soon.

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