PES "gradually closing" in on FIFA

Konami is confident that Pro Evolution Soccer is gaining more success and renown against rival FIFA from EA Sports. There's no longer a "massive gap" there.

While they "may not outsell FIFA," it's certainly a success from their point of view. Their progress is "beginning to be noticed" by fans. Few years to 'rebuild PES'.

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rabidpancakeburglar3133d ago

PES won't catch up, FIFA made one step to far for them to follow when they changed the series with FIFA 08

Seijoru3133d ago

FIFA is much more fluid and realistic.

MintBerryCrunch3133d ago

considering that EA has a much larger budget, most looks to be spent on FIFA...looking at Madden or any of their NCAA games shows that the only reason the game is good is because of competition...PES is the best thing that happened to FIFA

Madden and NCAA....same game, different year, and lets not talk about NBA

Istanbull3133d ago

If you follow both franchises then you would know that:

FIFA completly changed since 06
PES changed since PES6

FIFA was ARCADY in the past, now its sim
PES was SIM in the past, now its arcady

To me, the best football game is still PES4! but I agree, today's FIFA is miles better than PES

Vitalogy3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

PES was never a SIM!

And it's funny how PES fanboys criticize FIFA series and say its all about gameplay and blah blah blah yet konani has been making its game to be more alike to FIFA when it comes to gameplay, weird huh, shouldn't that tell people something?

AKA3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

where are you from?
the only ones that think that fifa 11 was better then pes 11
are the people from north america.
the gameplay in pes 11 is much superior the freedom is great
and any real futbol lover knows this, that pes 11 is much superior futbol game.
much fun, natural and much of a sim but is still far away from what it suppose to be with all the powerful next gen tech are not been used in none of the two, sadly...

just make a party and invite people from argentina, brazil, spain, italy
put bout games and they will be impress by fifa11 presentation but fall in love and have more fun playing pes11..
rabidpancakeburglar you need to start making new friends then..

rabidpancakeburglar3133d ago

seemingly the only person who thinks PES 11 is better than FIFA 11 is you because i have never heard anyone claim that PES 11 is better

Baka-akaB3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

actually there are still plenty that prefer pes .

Fifa is just obviously more popular right now .

Pes imo still feels like the game with actual sim controls and possibilities .

Fifa improves greatly each year , and will probablyt overtake pes if this continue even for die hard fans like me ... but right now , in my humble opinion , fifa got "only" three things over pes :

-quality of animations
-online .
-licences , always and easily fixed with patches actually allowed by Knonami

Otherwise , both games are still too scripted , fifa even more so , with rarely random events , wich should definitvely happens .

Fifa offer lots of moves and options , partially thanks to its detailled animated , but its still too easy to pull off moves , and players still lack the appropriate uniqueness , in both offense and defense .

It will need further polish in gameplay , to nail both looks and sims ... wich i'm certain EA will begins doing in fifa 12 , judging from their announcements

Again , just my opinion , even if not one that rare .

Stevo913133d ago

There is a very small community that still prefer PES i have both and iv got to say fifa is miles ahead, just look at how many people play PES online your lucky if there is a few hundred..

CaptainMarvelQ83133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

wow,You guys sure say the most idiotic things just to try and get your points across
do you mean that someone who plays Fifa isn't a real footall lover?
Do people HAVE to be limited by one choice?

alot of people including me believe fifa has changed a lot and has overcome PES which was once the greatest football game ever

Variety is a blessing

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SynysteR3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

FIFA has been on a solid roll since the start of this generation, With improvements every year that improves the game a great deal, FIFA12 will only continue that trend. Unfortunately Konami has dropped the ball on their franchise since PES6 on PS2 and has found itself so far behind in both gameplay and visual quality.

Disagree all you want, Just fact.

littlebigmarcpsps33133d ago

lol doubt it
god, i hate PES. just wish they could cancel it.

Baka-akaB3133d ago

or you could just keep not playing and ordering it you know ...

farhsa20083133d ago

PES is all about gameplay, you can shove your licences and gimmicks, its all about playing the beautiful game and no one does it like Konami.

AKA3133d ago

we got a real futbol lover here!!!
just make a party and invite people from argentina, brazil, spain, italy
put bout games and they will be impress by fifa11 presentation but fall in love and have more fun playing pes11..

hoof1233133d ago

It's football for a start.

Rampaged Death3133d ago

I love FIFA but I loved PES more back in the good old days. You couldn't beat Master League back then.

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