Newest Battlefield 3 Interview Explains what to Expect from this Blockbuster Game

Patrick Bach, an executive producer at EA DICE talks about Battlefield 3 which is a direct sequel to Battlefield 2 that came out like 5 years ago. Mr.Bach has explained why they waited so long to release a new game that is based on Frostbite 2 technology.

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leogets3139d ago

The interviewer sounded like a kid. N e ways lookin forward to this game so bad its unreal. Dice dominate the mp experiance.

newhumanbreed3139d ago

EA is hyping this game like crazy. It better live up to the hype.

DanSolo3139d ago

They have to hype it mate, they are trying to take on COD so they are needing to get the idea into peoples heads as much as possible that it is a contender!

Cos like it or not, no matter how good the game is... it will not get picked up by the masses in the way COD does unless it is hyped up using the type of cheap tactics that attract the masses. A sad but true fact!

Just ignore the hype and spin that is pumped out and just read the bits about the game that matter!
It's like water off a ducks back! ;)

sprayNpray3139d ago

I am getting the feeling that this is a game that I'm going to be playing for years.


Organization XII3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Lol! what a stupid cheap way for stealing content from other sites. you know that interview video with bach isnt yours, why the hell are you posting it?

DAS6923139d ago

The best FPS of 2011-2012