Google wants to put Ads in your Games

Google is allegedly exploring the possibility of taking AdSense ads into the gaming world. There have been rumors that Google was casting a covetous eye on videogames at least since Google bought Adscape back in February. Now the picture is getting a little less murky, it seems, as Google heads out to make contact with videogame developers, publishers, and trade organizations.

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chester4110d ago

i have absolutely no problem with this as long as the savings are passed onto the consumer. if that happens i'll be happy while playing the games and open to the advertising. if they are still charging me 60 bucks a game and i have to look at cell phone ads everywhere, i'll be pissed at the game publisher and the advertising company.

Oswald4110d ago

I agree. If it's done in a tasteful way it can actually add to game immersion and create more realistic enviornments (ie. NHL games).

Look at the amount of money corporations spend on advertising. For some companies a large portion of that money is wasted in not hitting their core demographic. If they funneled that towards game development and were able to offer the games as FREE downloadable content saving themselves the distribution costs (still a while off for full games, i know) then it benefits us, and at the same time benefits them in focusing on a core demo. of 18-35 males.

Twizlex4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

I don't know, how many people do you think are going to buy a Yaris because they released that Xbox Live Arcade game for free? Well, probably a lot actually. I know I made one more trip to Burger King that I wouldn't have otherwise just to get Sneak King. Creepy plastic-headed corporate mascots are awesome.

socomnick4110d ago

screw you google I dont want your crappy ads.

ElementX4110d ago

"We interrupt this boss battle for a message from our sponsor" I can see it now.

pilotpistolpete4110d ago

I just know during a loading scene in Halo:

Master Chief, looking relaxed, leaning on his rifle looks into camera 1.

"you know, killing aliens all day can be hard work. That's why when I'm feeling down, I reach for a cold orange Mountain Dew. I don't go out on a mission without a 6 pack!

Dew the Dew!!!"

MC then downs a bottle, somehow without taking his helmet off.

end commercial, back to game.

d3l33t4110d ago

take my first born, corrupt my wife, tax my income, but stay away from my dam video games!

pilotpistolpete4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

I'd tell Google what to do, but most words I would use aren't allowed, and I don't feel like making "grammatical mistakes on purpose" to say it.

We can't even take a leak now a days without having an ad shoved in our faces.

EDIT: hahaha, good burn Frrrrrrunkis.
But you know I was talking about those eye level ads at the urinal, since, you know, I pee standing up.

Kuest4110d ago

Another day, another bubble released from my nest.

Its not too bad, though- you deserve it.

Frrrrrrunkis4110d ago

That's not an ad being shoved in your face.

You've gotta stop tapping your foot in those bathroom stalls.

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The story is too old to be commented.