OXM: EA's Nextbox - Fact or Fiction?

Xbox 720 is on the ground at EA - or is it? OXM's Edwin investigates.

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awiseman3345d ago

It most certainly is, the news is everywhere. I think this is just OXM doing damage control fits perfectly. Only way to no for sure is to wait to e3..

iamnsuperman3345d ago

I have no idea why you think that they are doing damage control. The whole article is logical. With Kinect just been released why would a company release a new console. People would be less inclined to fork out for both in the year and so will kill Kinect sales at kind of an important moment in the Kinect life. Lets not get on the hype train and look at it realistically. Next year is more probable but very unlikely and the year after that would make perfect sense. 2012 is just to early especially with Gears coming out in November. One of there biggest franchises could have waited another year to making making a great launch first party next gen title

SNEEKZ0NER3345d ago

Yeah, I agree they might show something at E3 but they wont release it till maybe 2013 and if they do it would be better that way so that they have more time to work out everything.

dirigiblebill3345d ago

"the news is everywhere"

So is Twitter. You believe everything you read on Twitter?

And I can't see why OXM would have a problem with a new Xbox. More coverage/traffic for them, shirley?

AngelicIceDiamond3345d ago

Maybe not in EA's headquarters but I know they exist somewhere outside of Microsoft's Headquarters.