Diehard GameFAN: Thor: God of Thunder Review

Thor: God of Thunder is an easy contender for “Worst Game of 2011,” if not the outright winner even though it is only May. The game’s graphics are awful, the game is plagued with slowdown, controls are unresponsive and there are two back to back bugs in the final world of the game that will cause you to have to start over numerous times in hopes that you won’t trigger either of them (or god forbid, both). It is more likely that one will break the control or just stop playing the game in disgust before that happens though. The actors from the movie phone their lines in so badly that you would think they came from the Ben Stein school of acting rather than a multi-million dollar film. There is honestly nothing good that can be said about this game. Kill it. Kill it with fire so its undead corpse cannot rise from its grave complete with Altered Beast sound bite.

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Lucario3134d ago

Hilarious and 100% true.