Gamasutra Interview: Naughty Dog On Refining Multiplayer In Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog's second Uncharted title brought a suite of multiplayer modes to complement the series' single player campaign. With the upcoming Uncharted 3, the company aims to further enhance the game's multiplayer to keep up with the industry's leading multiplayer shooters.

In addition to the game's range of cooperative and competitive game types, Uncharted 3 will introduce new options for players to customize their avatar and unlock new weapons and aesthetic enhancements.

In order to help change the flow of a given multiplayer match, the game will at certain points trigger events known as "power plays," which alter the scoring criteria for the winning and losing teams, allowing matches to remain competitive and unpredictable.

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trainsinrdr2720d ago

uncharted 2's mp was shit boring i got to like lvl 7 or 8 and just couldnt play it anymore o and it disconected me every 2 or 3 games and i lose points for that wtf

AAACE52720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Even though others didn't like it, I enjoyed the multiplayer from Uncharted 2! If they can make it better i'll be happy, cause either way, it's a day 1 purchase for me!

The only thing I fear is lack of players!

Lots of people including myself hated Killzone 2's multiplayer. The result of that was not a lot of people bought Killzone 3!

With so many who hated Uncharted 2's multiplayer, I hope the same doesn't happen!

supremacy2720d ago

Well, i will get this game day one and will certainly be online. Was watching some interviews and from the looks of things, yeah it sounds a whole lot better than the 2nd game. And i love the second game a lot so this is a no brainer for me.

BushLitter2720d ago

Yes it does look better, but will it BE better?

All this talk and focus on Multiplayer is a bit worrying from a single player perspective.

The second game seemed to focus on making the single player more grandiose, and it worked as we all know. MP was sort of added in as a bonus - and there was certainly nothing wrong with it

What has me worried is that this time all the talk seems to centre around MP - and while it looks promising, will it be at the cost of the core Uncharted experience?

Let's hope not

supremacy2719d ago

Amy usually handles the scripting for the story, its how its always been. And shes not involve in any of the multiplayer stuff, no even bothers her with any of this stuff. So rest assure the story will not be compromise. Remember these guys are making a huge deal about mp because the community its community has demanded a better multiplayer experience.

Amy stated that the script for the second game was some where in the 200 and some change ball park.

This one is already over a 150 pages in and she saids they are still heavily focused on the story, implying that the current number isnt even half of what they are trying to achieve this time around.

Overall they are trying to dethrone uncharted 2 with this new game. Its a tough challenge, but they made the second, i am sure they have the recepeit to make a great sequel if not a better product.

BoNeSaW232720d ago

U2 MP started out good until Naughty nerfed the shit out of it. The Increased health, reduced bullet damage, toned down boosters effectiveness and increased recoil ruined it.
Hope they don't make that mistake again.

KingDustero2719d ago

They've already mentioned that. They've promised that they will not make such a drastic change in Uncharted 3's MP post launch.

I really did love Uncharted 2's MP until they ruined it with all the patches that nerfed everything.

I still can't wait for Uncharted 3 myself. It is already guaranteed to be the BEST SP and BEST MP game this year, thus for sure being GoTY.

BoNeSaW232717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I know right!
Multi was the shit until about 1.04. I still play on double cash weekends, it just takes awhile to get in the groove. I hope they stick by it this time and deliver the GOTY MP and not cater and tune so heavy, tickle with a feather naughty, don't shock the system, Dammm!

The trailer looks great,customizations,weapon unlocks and single player damage in multi. CAN NOT WAIT!