Channel 5 defends The Wright Stuff, they're "fair and balanced"

UK consumer group Gamers' Voice remains unhappy overall with The Wright Stuff for their "inflammatory and quite frankly insulting remarks" made at videogamers.

However they're "pleased" Channel 5 has "taken our complaint seriously" and reviewed the show. Channel 5 state it's committed to "robust debate" with the show.

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TheStonedSheep2722d ago

Well, it's morning Channel 5 telly, what else would you expect?

zootang2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I can imagine what it was like back in the 50's when people slammed the beatles. Some people are just not with it and will never understand.

TheStonedSheep2722d ago

It's the new thing that old people don't understand; the current middle aged generation are the first to have played video games in their youth, the older have not. Give it one more generation and we'll be settled.

stevenhiggster2722d ago

I sometimes watch the wright stuff, they can be pretty offensive to most people with most of their debates, I remember them getting stuck into plus size models, saying it would make young girls think its ok to be fat lmao! They are just a pretty insensitive bunch tbh.

mrv3212722d ago

Violence is damaging so our response is to shpw that violence before the watershed... that's clever. I mean Video games are the best regulated medium out there.

Ravenor2722d ago

Something which they will never care to inform themselves of, even if it's waved in their faces. It's unfortunate, but that's just how people are; They ignore the truth if it attacks/defeats what they believe.

mrv3212722d ago

Video games are the most policed media
Video games are held to the strictest ratings laws
Video games get into the hands of young people less than other media

YET Video games are worse for children.

Can I ask for the point of RATINGS? I tried to buy Clerks, I'm 18 but never carry idea, so... I was turned away because I looked too young. I'm sorry what? Most people under the age of 18 wouldn't have even bought a black and white film, calling it dull... no action or what ever.

ALSO, CLERKS IS AN 18, A GOD DAMN 18. I don't know about you but that's so stupid.

'The film's MPAA rating is based off its dialogue. It earns its rating through extensive profanity, most of which is sexual in nature, sexual references, and explicit discussions.

86+ fucks '

How ever Be Cool receives a 12A and under language

'Very strong language.

60+ Uses of Sh*t

2 Uses of F*ck.

Many hells, damns, basterds, and SoB's. '

So if I rewatch Be Cool it's a 18? No. In this country sex is on prime time, yet clerks WHO DISCUSS sex is an 18. My god that's stupid. They talk about sex, does that mean sex ed is an 18? Does that means that public conversations are an 18? NO. They gave Clerks and 18 because it wasn't supposed to be a blockbuster meaning there wasn't a huge legal team behind it to push the boundries further.

Get this Dracula WAS an 18 now it's a PG. Are children more mature OR are we awknowledging that ratings are too strict?

More proof?

Get a old film remade... really old. It'll be given a FAR lower rating? WHY? BECAUSE THE RATING SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK.

pixelsword2722d ago

A word of warning:

If someone has to convince you that they're fair and balanced, they aren't.