Driver: San Francisco preview – Reviving a burnout ( got a little hands-on time with the fifth game in the Driver series, and discusses the merits of its quantum leap-like shifting ability.

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Ognipode2812d ago

What's a quinquennial? :P

WobblyOnion2811d ago

It means recurring every 5 years, or lasting 5 years. In the context of this preview , it would be the latter.

Ognipode2812d ago

Seriously though, I played this at E3 last year. It was quite fun but they are going to really have to do a lot to keep it interesting I think. A lot of hte stuff they showed us was pre-baked, and I hope they don't do that too often.

granthinds2811d ago

Look, since the advent of GTA 3, i fail to see the relevance of a game like Driver. We'll see. I have my skeptic cap on for this one...

WobblyOnion2811d ago

Driver and its immediate sequel predate GTA 3 by a year; Driver 2 did the driving and shooting thing in 3d pretty well.

scotchmouth2811d ago

"Since the advent" meaning since GTA arrived on the scene he fails to see how Driver is relevant anymore.

What Driver did was innovative at the time. Since GTA came out it gave us the same type of game play (an open world to drive around) but greatly expanded on it with various game play elements.

I would agree with Granthinds here. I fail to see the relevance of the series. While the story is "unique" in a sense. It isn't going to keep gamers coming back for more.

PoulCast2811d ago

None. It has no purpose. I loved the original Driver for my playstation, however when I found GTA: Vice City and Gran Turismo, those replaced Driver.

(Admittedly, I have downloaded the Driver game for Iphone because the "JACK DANIELS" quote is hillarious.)

bozebo2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

so... like all reviews: no mention of all the bugs. Anybody else playtest this game?

Do yourself a favour and don't buy it. It's way better than the last bunch of D51V3R games but it's still kak. At least they chose SF, that was always the best location for Driver. With the hills and whatnot.

WobblyOnion2811d ago

It's not a review, it's a preview; the game is only out in September. As the game's yet to go gold, there's no point in talking about bugs until the game's actually in its final, ready-to-release state.

Ognipode2811d ago

I see you changed your comment... but you are judging a game that doesn't come out for months based around bugs? How do you fail to see the problem with your statement?

bozebo2811d ago

Just wait and see. I won't be wrong.

Droid Control2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Its nice to play as a cop though, a good guy, and not a chav like in the GTA games though.