Command & Conquer Arena cancelled before it was announced

TechNoid writes: "The higly speculated C&C Arena was terminated, so was stated earlier today. This is quite harsh, because it wasnt even officialy announced"

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DoomeDx2746d ago

No doubt.

Command and conquer has failed since Part 4

EeJLP-2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I loved C&C on PC and PS1 back in the day.

I don't like all this futuristic stuff in the recent ones. From what I remember of the last C&C's console demo, the gameplay was much worse too, but I don't remember it too well.

Cold War era was good, like Red Alert: Retaliation and before. Tanks, soldiers, helicopters, a few planes, tower defenses, battleships, subs, and a nuke, nothing too crazy.

Civilization: Revolution is my strategy game of choice on current gen consoles.

(Civ: Rev is a bit different though, because it's turn-based instead of real-time.)

bozebo2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Good, anything branded C&C is instantly crap. It doesn't have the original devs anymore.

They like buying out great IP then ruining it for themselves and gamers. (they as in: EA, Ubisoft, Activision)

SteelyPhil2746d ago

I haven't enjoyed a C&C game since Generals

JsonHenry2746d ago

I really liked Red Alert 3. But Generals, the multiplayer part, was the best experience of any of the previous and post releases.

wallis2746d ago

Eurgh, please stop butchering this franchise. Can we just put it to rest? You succesfully murdered every single thing that was good about it with red alert 3 and cnc4.

You've pretty much stopped beating the dead horse and started raping its eye sockets. Just put it to rest and rape one of your other franchises. Like medal of hono...

...oh right.

bumnut2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

c&c 4 was terrible, the guy who is responsible for it needs to be fired and banned from making anymore games.

How could they remove base management?

JsonHenry2746d ago

hahahaha, most of the team was fired/moved. Serves them right. The new guy that took over, the creator of the original Heroes of Might and Magic, promised that they would make a CnC game that the fans could be proud of.

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