Juicy New Mass Effect 3 Details + One Massive Spoiler

Some new juicy Mass Effect 3 details have been unearthed including one huge spoiler in the highly anticipated BioWare-developed game.

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shades723139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Garrus wasn't my flavour anyway. Tali's would have had a greater impact as she has more fans than Garrus I believe. And ewww that sex scene with Garrus was so uncomfortable, he deserves retribution so we won't ever have to endure that again.

Acquiescence3139d ago

All will be revealed when the helmet comes off.

Mystickay863139d ago

You're kidding? Right? Garrus > Tali. I don't even think there is more fans for Tali compared to Garrus. Garrus is one of the best side kick companions.

KDubyah3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Psh, I would use Tali over Garrus any day.. I <3 Tali.
I like Garrus, he's cool, for sure. But, I prefer Tali.
She's like a cool badass litle sister .. that Sheppard banged.
So, that would be kinda weird .. if she was Sheppards sister.

Anyway, in fact, with my main character I used Tali and Garrus in the first ME.
Though, when it came to ME2, I used Tali and Thane or Tali and Kasumi. Oh yeah.

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tigertron3139d ago

I always used Garrus and Ashley in ME1 and I would often use Garrus/Miranda or Garrus/Kasumi combos.

ZeroChaos3139d ago

I understand them trying to get emotion behind a death but shouldn't technically any character be like that and no focus it on specifically one character.

lzim3139d ago

ah rats given the above commensts I thought he wasn't going to show.. oh well points for still being able to laugh as he dies.

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The story is too old to be commented.