Dead Space Preview (Xbox-360)

Rule #1 of space colonies/ships: losing contact is always a bad thing. Sure, there's the slim chance that someone planned a surprise party, or perhaps a red and green wire crossed and Verizon's network crapped out, but more often than not, some horrifying alien invader murdered the crew and now lies in wait for the next unsuspecting suckers to come galloping along. Too bad the characters in Electronic Arts' third person horror fest Dead Space didn't get the memo.

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TheXgamerLive4015d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing more, much more on this title.

CyberSentinel4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

The all around (360) better choice in gaming.

Sorry Sony, Were Tired of Waiting.

@3: Get last month's issue of GameInformer and you will care about this game.

Yes it is coming to the PS3, but when and how it will perform after EA/MS gets done "porting it" is another reason why lemmings like yourself aren't aware of this title.

Wake Up Lemmings, Jump In.

Taker_1294015d ago

come on guy, can you please give it a rest! Why so much hate torwards a console, you better pray that this game can a least run at 720p on the 360. And for the record we don't even know if this game will be any good or not.

DeZimatoR4015d ago

You DO know Dead Space is coming to the PS3 too, right?

LMFAO, and btw, who the fvck cares about this game?!

power of Green 4015d ago

Xbox 360 preview...

I see multi platform games all the time with PS3 getting the only channel or type because the thread's about the PS3 version.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4015d ago

Mutiplat news gets approved all the time that just show up in the PS3 section.

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The story is too old to be commented.