Rumor: Has Mass Effect Gone Gold?

Several Message Boards posts have popped up, all claiming that a leaked e-mail from Microsoft Game Studios confirms that Mass Effect has gone gold.

"MGS is very pleased to announce that Mass Effect has passed certification and has been released to manufacturing.

While it took a bit longer than we originally anticipated to complete this epic title, we are all very proud of the game and early reviews (9.75 from Game Informer, 95 from, and Game of the Month from GamePro) show that others share our enthusiasm."

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fjtorres4014d ago

...the timing is about right; Halo 3 went gold a month before launch. Too bad its still a fracking month before we get to play the thing.

socomnick4014d ago

Yea I want this now I want to bone the Blue alien chick already.


Lol, not if I get to her first !