Report: Dead Rising was originally rejected by Capcom

Keiji Inafune has revealed that prototypes of Dead Rising and Lost Planet were originally rejected by management at Capcom, but that he continued to work on them against their orders.

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Alos882721d ago

I wonder how many great ideas never saw the light of day back then.

tehpees32721d ago

I can understand why Capcom fell out with this guy now. to go ahead and ignore orders by Capcom management is ignorant. he has the completely wrong idea when making Japanese games. he is lucky dead rising succeeded. too bad the same can't be said about lost planet

Nicaragua2721d ago

Dead Rising 2 should definitley have been rejected - most tedious game i have ever played

Sitris2721d ago

Was very excited for Deas Rising 2......bought it after Christmas, returned it for NFS later that month, it was very tedious indeed. I just couldn't get into it, lost the 'vibe' that those sort of games need, and the variety was almost needing to come from the player, the game seemed fun, but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it was just me though.....

Pozzle2721d ago

I loved Dead Rising 2....on the second playthrough. Once you've leveled up, have high health, and more of an idea what's going on, the game can be ridiculously fun. Dare I say, it was one of my favorite games of last year.

But on the first playthrough, I spent most of the time dodging zombies and avoiding psychopaths because I wasn't strong enough to take them on. It definitely took alot of fun out of the game and IMO that's poor game design. Most people don't want to replay a game for it to become fun. They'll just return it for a refund or sell it on ebay.

sloth33952721d ago

to me dead rising 2 was alot easier then the first one

TVippy2721d ago

Always great to know the inside info.

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