We still have plenty of ideas for new Pokémon - Sugimori

Pokémon art director Ken Sugimori tells Official Nintendo Magazine that Game Freak won't run out of ideas.

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rabidpancakeburglar3139d ago

From what I've seen of the pokemon from the latest games, he doesn't

RedDead3139d ago

They've remained more or less the same since the first ones/

newn4gguy3139d ago

Then...what would you do with them?

Trunkz Jr3139d ago

Trubbish ~ The Pokemon that is made of Garbage... They have TOTALLY run out of ideas...

Kee3139d ago

Haha, yeah that's the one I was thinking of. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of them.
Don't get me wrong, some of the new ones are alright like elektross and Samurott. But the new generation doesn't hold a candle to the pokemon in the first three generations.

Squatch833139d ago

Being a Pokemon fan myself, even id agree with that comment... Id be a liar if i didnt.

mcmmaster3139d ago

Yh, Pokemon gray/grey for the 3DS is one of those ideas

user83971443139d ago

Pokemon: (insert your favorite color or stone here) coming fall 2011.

newn4gguy3139d ago

They were very original with Black & White...implementing new gameplay mechanics, large backstories to the characters, and making the Pokemon look like creatures we could easily grow attached to.

But...haters gonna hate.

Kee3139d ago

The games themselves are still really good. But they need cooler pokemon. Seriously. Or at least give us more options for catching older pokemon early on.

Trunkz Jr3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Trubbish is not a Pokemon anyone can get attached to besides Oscar the grouch. Seriously what were they smoking? They couldn't even make it look decent, even the evolved form Garbodor looks like it ate too much and exploded (which is funny cause it can learn Explosion, the hell?!)

Of course were gonna hate, their creating original things (yay) but at the same time their so fugly that of course it will be original. They should of hired Togashi from Hunter X Hunter to create new pokemon, his mind is full of original stuff.

AWBrawler3138d ago

Trubbish is ugly as crap, but someone could get attached because they like it's moveset or base stats. Heck, I know people who like Magikarp

Smacktard3138d ago

The gameplay changes in B/W were fine, and the game played extremely well. The Pokemon designs were largely terrible, however:

Oshawott? Really?
Gurdurr? Even his name is bad.
Ducklett? So lame.
Scrafty? Oh my god, how could they ruin Scraggy so badly?
Maractus? Really?

And there's so many more, too... Eelektross looks like ass.

As for the Trubbish hatred, I think Trubbish is alright. He's even kinda cute. Garbador, on the other hand...

BlitzAK3139d ago

How can you hate pokemon?

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The story is too old to be commented.