7.0 Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

Operation Flashpoint may lack the polish and cinematic flair that the Modern Warfare titles popularised, but it takes on more of the thinking man’s approach that PC gamers seem so partial to, and this seems to be one of the biggest problems for the Flashpoint series. It has repeatedly been labelled as a PC shooter that was somehow released on home consoles by mistake.

However, it is not without fault. The game does display a severe lack of graphical polish, and seemingly obvious options like couch co-op are omitted, but if you have grown tired of the balls-to-the-wall rappelling through windows and running from explosions found in your average FPS, this is just the kind of reality check you have been waiting for, delivering a visceral and intense simulation experience. Operation Flashpoint is a breath of fresh air in terms of console shooters, but this Red River doesn’t always run smoothly.

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