Xbox 720 in 2012 wouldn't be a surprise - analyst

EA has dismissed reports that it's already in possession of Xbox 720 hardware as "total fabrication - 100 percent not true", but announcing a 360 successor in 2012 certainly isn't out of the question, according to M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon

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iamnsuperman3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

This is hypothetical. It all depends on the sales but the plan was for Microsoft to give longer life for the 360 by introducing Kinect. I can't see the sales dropping off that much in one year to bring out another console. It is possible for some announcement from Microsoft next year but defiantly the year after that/ the year after that is where I am going to put my money

osamaq3141d ago

2013 is more reasonable

rabidpancakeburglar3141d ago

I think that an announcement in 2012 would be about correct, it wouldn't necessarily be the right thing for the time but it's likely

Soldierone3141d ago

Yes an announcement in 2012, but thats it. Releasing the next xbox next year would be stupid. They supposedly just now got units out to third parties that are complete demo's and thats it. How can any studio build a game on a new console in less than a year?

And when they do announce it, the entire game industry will take a hit in sales for a while. People will hold off for it. Even PS3 buyers will be waiting to see if Sony has anything to announce.

starchild3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I personally think an announcement in 2012 or 2013 is the most likely.

This would mean that the earliest it would be released would be late 2012 and the latest would be 2014. Again, just my personal sense of things.

@Zir0 below

Actually, one console would be enough for many 3rd parties to start making more advanced versions of their multiplatform games. When the Xbox 360 came out games like Call of Duty 2 and Just Cause had much better graphics on the 360 and the PC than they did on the older platforms.

When the new Nintendo console comes out we will probably get better looking multiplatform games on that console and on the PC.

The only way that wouldn't happen is if the next Nintendo console is only about the same power level as the PS3 and 360. Even if it is only 25 to 30% more powerful than those consoles expect to see more advanced versions of multiplatform games for the PC and Nintendo console.

r1sh123141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I agree...
i think 2012 there may be an announcement or some sort of info or demos.
But nothing will be created or released for a couple of years.
Im sure MS are doing RnD by giving it to devs to find the best possible results.
Sony are probably doing the same for PS4 probably not the same announcement, but for developments etc...
Dont forget MS have a larger DVD size to work with as well as devs so they may have extended its lifespan slightly

ComboBreaker3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Release a new version every 6 months.

Kinect this year.

Xbox 720 in first half of 2012.
Kinect 2 in second half of 2012.

Xbox 1480 in first half of 2013.
Kinect 3 in second half of 2013.

Xbox Live price hikes in between.

NiKK_4193141d ago

Or maybe they will try and come out early again, but they want to be extra early before PS4

SixShotCop3141d ago

Why are you here ComboBreaker?

AAACE53141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Next Xbox will be called "Xbox Delta"!

Get it... XD!

Seriously, I can see a name like Xbox HD! It will have a catchy nickname similar to saying 360. Just call it "XHD".

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tehpees33141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

So that was their plan then? make kinect and swindle a last bit of dosh from the casual market then move on like last time? and 360 owners aren't annoyed by this? you realise IF this happens your 360 is probably useless. it does explain the lack of exclusives on 360

and so everyone knows, this is seriously how I see it. my xbox was left in the dark cause of them and it seems they haven't learnt their lesson

worm20103141d ago

with kinect in its infancy i wouldn't think MS would be ready to launch a new xbox next year.

SixZeroFour3141d ago

why? because the kinect wouldnt be able to be played on the next xbox?

xc7x3141d ago

i wouldn't be in shock if a Xbox 720 was announced @ E3 or sometime this year [for a 2012 release] myself,Microsoft seem to be the only game manufacturer not having new hardware to show. i don't think they want to be in that position against Nintendo or Sony. unless they got a bunch of secret games to show @ E3 to counter,it's going to be hard on them to match their rivals showings i.m.o.

Soldierone3141d ago

It will be similar to last year. They will use MW3 as a goat, along with getting a bunch of third party exclusive content. Dont forget Gears 3 and a couple exclusives they have.

If there is any new hardware my guess would be something to do with Zune or Windows Phone.

I just don't think you can announce a new console without having any games, third parties, or rumored features confirmed for it. Announcing is only going to hurt 360's sales until the new console releases.

PoulCast3141d ago

What is to stop Microsoft from doing this? Xbox720 will be Kinect compatible, the technology is here and cheap enough for Microsoft to make the console.

xYLeinen3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I know I'll get slaughtered for this.

If Microsoft releases a new console now so what? While multiplat developers still focusing on the PS3 how much effort will they go through to actually use the new xbox?

It's not like Microsoft have barely any exclusive titles left. Only two I can think of is Forza and Gears.

Sony is and have been the company who have pushed for new technology, and I don't fit Microsoft in this equation. For instance, if Sony came out with the PS4 they most likely would have a lot better lineup than Microsoft possibly could do.

My point is more or less, what would Microsoft benefit from releasing a new console at this point?

I'm just speculation, and I would appreciate some critical thinking from you guys regarding this.

Zir03141d ago

"While multiplat developers still focusing on the PS3 how much effort will they go through to actually use the new xbox?"

That wouldn't be the case though. It would be develop for Wii 2 and X720 or stick to the old generation. Two high end consoles are enough to convince 3rd parties to switch.

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