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GQ's Portal 2 review

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tinman2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

My first real GOTY 2011 contender. Nice one :)

granthinds2719d ago

Totally, it's such a mind blowing game :)

vrylstminute2719d ago

I am so keen to buy it, but at R600 for XBOX (and finite gameplay) I'm not sure it's worth the release price. Don't get me wrong - Portal 1 is the best marketing for Portal 2, and I will get it. But in 2 months when everybody else has played out the content and few people are buying it...

granthinds2719d ago

ye, but i believe it's worth it. with the co-op thrown in, it's a full game.

kelvinmanley2719d ago

this is one game that i've heard so much about but still have to play. think i'll start off with portal01 and make my way to no.2

granthinds2719d ago

Don't procrastinate! DO IT!

Veneno2719d ago

It's a great game, but just don't let the hyper spaz above me make you think it's some sort of crazy amazing experience, or even a GOTY contender. it's worth the money at the right price. Buy when you think it's a fair deal and you'll be fine.

granthinds2719d ago

Dude, it's an excellent game and there are many reasons it's a GOTY contender. IMO obviously.