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earbus2722d ago

Nice definative response.

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LordMarius2722d ago

May 31st is the deadline when EVERYTHING should be up, online play will come sooner since Sony has stated they will have 2 stages for PSN restoration.

KidBroSweets22722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Thank you for realizing that LordMarius. I was in the middle of posting that it says " restart the services FULLY by 31." Anyone who failed to realize this needs to pay more attention to what they read and stop skimming. And Sony has already stated that PSN will be back up with most online features except the access of the PS store. So this clearly states the obvious additionaly with a confirmed date(assuming the authors credibility), which is a plus. I am a owner of both consoles but the xbox fanboys are too quick to jump the gun(bet they always have this problem) and just start to assume before thinking and making bold comments which are more fictional than factional.

hiredhelp2722d ago

I call BS article. Camon ppl you supposed to beleave he rang sony.

Max_Dissatisfaction2722d ago

Bet you didn't believe when PS3 was first hacked...or when PSN was first sad to be down for a whole week...then two weeks and now 3 weeks.

hiredhelp2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Lol thats stupid comment. Course i knew been following this up since geohotz well b4 then ever since first jail break actually so yeh i knew. Watched all the anon vids. Thay best u got by the way.

zeeshan8102721d ago

What do they mean when they say 'full service' by May 31st?

Didn't they say online games service will be up first, then Music, and others services will be up after.

I'm confused! :s

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EliteDave932722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Dear god :( I was hoping for PSN to come back today.

Istanbull2722d ago

I'm actually glad the PSN is down, this will give people chance to explore the great singleplayer library of the PS3. PlayStation was always about singleplayer, we must go back to our origins. I hope people will find the true meaning and essence and strenth of the PlayStation brand.

Ofcourse, I love the PSN too, its part of the PlayStation family, but singleplayer above all!

Max_Dissatisfaction2722d ago

Lol istanbull, that is some instant bull!
Thats like saying xbox 360 is awesome because it uses dvd's and the original xbox also used dvds so that is awesome!
No, just no. I'm glad you're trying to be optimistic but lying to yourself and us is just sad. PSN did NOT take away the ability to play single player games, they have always been there but once you're done with the single player, what then? I can play GoW 3 alot but come on, 3 weeks? No. PSN is an extra option for this generation, I'm not gonna suddenly love my ps3 more just because it is offline and reminds me of PS1 days and legacy and brand and blah blah blah CROCK!
Lol true essence and strength of playstation brand, ha ha ha ha man take that archaic touchy feely stuff outta here.

n4gisatroll2722d ago


Stop posting the same comment. Sure playing single player games are fun, but I miss playing against other people, it's better then playing against a computer.

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tack1292722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Oh crud. I'm going to lose half of my friends on my friends list.
Good thing I have other things to occupy me in the meantime but I feel bad for those that don't. I'll wait it out since I had to wait for nearly 4 months before getting a new PS3 to replace the one that got YLOD. The PSN outage is nothing compared to how long I had to wait before getting a new console.
That and I have assignments due in so I can't waste much time to be honest.

Fil1012722d ago

same here i got a big ass assignment to hand in by 26th.

gamecock2722d ago

yawns.wake me when its back up please.

fourthpersonview2722d ago

Are they unsure when to restart the service or unsure the service will ever restart again?

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