Can Battlefield Knock Call of Duty Out for Good?

Delta Gamer writes "Recently EA has been on the offensive, showing the masses of FPS fans that they mean business. But while they’re at it, aren’t they just creating a potential world of harm for themselves without knowing it?"

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KiLLUMiNATi_893140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

As good as battlefield 3 is gonna be I'd doubt it because Cod has a big fanbase and we all know they sell like HOT CAKES When a new one drops.

Greywulf3140d ago

BF series is better than Call of Duty as a game.

Fanboys can argue sales all they want. But Its not like Bad COmpany set the world on fire. You don't have to sell trillions to warrant a sequel. Just enough, and with less money.. Naughty Dog, Dice, etc.. it seems they make better games than anyone else.

So what matters to you as far as 'victory' is concerned..? Good game, or bad game with a following like madden that don't care about a games quality/performance/bugs..but just care about fragging friends..?

DoomeDx3140d ago

Maybe the 100Mil bucks EA is gonna spend on marketing, will overtake CoD

AAACE53140d ago

Probably not for good, but it could initiate a great battle!

CoD is the reason military shooter developers have stepped it up! They are trying to out do everything about CoD in an effort to get some of that 20+ million gamer pie!

Mr Patriot3140d ago

In terms of quality it has already done that, sales wise only a miracle will do ....

Fil1013140d ago

nope both games are completly different so why do people keep comparing them.

Big_Mex3140d ago

Doesn't have to. Keep the codpieces playing their game and the bf people playing ours. More than enough room for both. Also, people compare them because they are both more or less military fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.