Japanese 3DS Satisfaction Research

Media Create has asked Japanese users how they feel about the 3DS and also found out the average age of DS owners.

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shikamaroooo2721d ago

'Media Create found that overall 70.9% of participants were satisfied with the Nintendo 3DS itself and 66.5% were happy with the console's 3D glasses-free feature. However, it should be noted that the sample is limited and should not be taken as representative of all owners.'

mcstorm2721d ago

I find it strange I got the original DS and the DS Lite and I liked them but I did not think they were anything special and preferred my psp. But I got a 3DS 2 weeks ago and I am loving it. I think the 3d effect with out glasses brings a new life to hand held games and im looking forward to seeing games like Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart on it. I hope the 3ds is as big for the Big N as the DS has been. Plus I think because of the 3D it will offer something different to the NGP where before the PSP seemed to offer me more than the DS where this time the are both looking at different directions in the hand held market which I think will help both Sony and Nintendo push there consoles I just hope the NGP dose not get too many PS3 ports.

eagle212721d ago

"The company also discovered the average age of console purchasers and according to the results the average age of DS owners is slightly higher than that of PSP owners. DS owners in Japan are, on average, in their early 20's, while the average age of the PSP user base is late teens. The graph below shows this difference and is courtesy of Media Create."

*clears my throat*

AWBrawler2720d ago

don't worry eagle, it'll go ignored, and good gravy man, where the hell are your bubbles? What the heck did you do? piss off every fan of that other Japanese video game console maker?