Tales of Xillia Coming This August In Japan

Up until now, fans waiting for news about Tales of Xillia's release date in Japan have only had a vague TBA 2011 release date given to them by Namco Bandai. According to a breaking leak, fans might have the date they have been waiting for --- and it's quite soon, indeed.


The text in question has been removed, but we've added an image showing the text prior to the removal.

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NewMonday2721d ago

lucky japan bastards often get their games just a few months after announcement, we have to wait a year or even 2 some times.

because we will have tales of graces F first, we will likely have to wait a year plus a few months to play an English Xillia

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ShawnCollier2721d ago

Man, Namco Bandai must employ ninjas, because they removed that text insanely fast compared to prior leaks. :p

coryok2721d ago

i hope for a localization