Rhythm/RPG hybrid "Sequence" out now on Xbox Live Indie Games

Iridium Games' unique role-playing rhythm title Sequence has finally arrived on Xbox Live Indie Games. For the uninitiated, Sequence sees players conducting battle using a DDR-esque four direction input set to the rhythm of tracks from Michael Wade Hamilton and YouTube sensation Ronald Jenkees. On the RPG side, there's a ton of character customization, item crafting, pithy dialogue and also magic and stuff.

The game's available now through the Xbox Live Indie Games storefront for 240 Microsoft Points ($3). If you're still confused on how this Frankensteinian genre-bender works, check out a launch trailer after the jump!

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TXIDarkAvenger3141d ago

Looks interesting, I'll dl that later

wwm0nkey3141d ago

Its pretty damn good. Also at $3 its a steal.

Will also be heading to STEAM in the future.

Legion3141d ago

I was interested in it UNTIL I found out it had a rythm addative to it's gameplay.