Mega Man Legends 3 screenshots

Check out some new screenshots of Mega Man Legends 3.

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animelover104873353d ago

Damn man I really wanted to play this on my ps3 I loved megaman legends 1 and 2 on my playstation 1 just wish they would put them out on psn because I broke my discs and they run pretty steep on amazon and ebay.

Godmars2903353d ago

Think you mean the PSP or the NGP. They could offer MML1&2 as well.

Regardless, by the sound of things they already have major issues and worries with just putting out on the 3DS. The costs for stepping up graphic requirements to a PS3/360 would certainly cause them money problems.

Lyr1c3353d ago

This is the game I'm buying a 3DS for...

Neko_Mega3353d ago

Doesn't seem you play as Mega Man, I don't know about this game. Plus I'm not sold on the 3DS.

AWBrawler3353d ago

it's confirmed that you play as Megaman Vulnutt as usual, and the other guy is also playable.

RedPawn3353d ago

I wonder if that is ProtoMan, but in that universe?

Lyr1c3353d ago

Nope, he's a new character named Barrett.

KillerPwned3353d ago

Once this releases i will pick up a 3DS along when Snake Eater releases. Those games plus the new RE games look very promising.

Mega Man legends 1 & 2 where the bomb i would not doubt that this will be amazing as well.

bwazy3353d ago

I wouldn't even dream of picking up a 3DS until their library was very distinguished and the 3DS lite was released (thus fixing bulk, battery and possibly boasting a non-eyehurty display).

Cool title though.

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