TLR: Portal 2 Review

Bandit of TLR Writes "A big thing for PS3 users is a digital copy for PC/Mac and Steam Cloud. What Steam Cloud allows you to do is it allows you to play on your PS3, and you can continue where you left off on your PC/Mac. It’s a really smart feature for those people who have laptops and can’t always play where that HD TV is set up."

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earbus3137d ago

Ill wait for the bargin bin on this.

Urrakia343137d ago

I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised when you pick it up at such a low price.

earbus3137d ago

yeah im keen to try it but cant bring myself to pay full price valve seems to drop the price quick got orange box pc and 360 great value, its just a little hard to justify full price even if its great.

RedDead3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I rented it, i'm so happy I rented it. I can just imagine if I had it sitting there never to be played again with my 50 quid. I would rememeber the puzzles so the gameplay would be useless after one sitting, my playthrough was about 8 hours, including loading screens every hundred yards(well in some places).

I don't have money for alot of games these days, I need one which can hold my attention for a bit of time, I got Mortal Kombat. Loving it.

kramun3137d ago

I paid £30 for it, and it was worth every penny. And there's free DLC to look forward to, so I'm not complaining.