L.A. Noire Countdown: Investigating The Road To L.A. Noire: Week 6


"L.A. Noire is less than two weeks away and anticipations are running high.

"While the game doesn’t have the vast hype it most certainly deserves, it has already proven to be one of the most innovative current generation titles.

"Alas, release is so close, but yet feels so far. So for now, let’s delve into yet another week of interesting noir/crime-related finds!

"This time… an actual game series.

"The name? Payne. Max Payne."

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Proeliator3134d ago

Awesome, awesome!

Can't wait for this game.

Loved Max Payne to death... the third one needs to come out.

gaminoz3134d ago

I too am a huge Max Payne fan, but am worried about the doesn't seem in keeping with the atmosphere and character. But I'll wait and see.

gaminoz3134d ago

LA Noire is just so interesting...I really don't know what to expect still!

BadCircuit3134d ago

Max and his constipated expressions...oh the good old days!

La Noire should be fun.

Belgavion3134d ago

less than 2 weeks to go!

Ahasverus3134d ago

My hype level is getting high around this days

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