Final Smash - Legend of Legaia Retro Review

Vain Ziler hops into the time machine once more and takes a look at a lost gem of RPGs.

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knifefight3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

-Broken magic system
-Bad interface
-Mediocre story punctuated by fake endings "THIS will be the last fight!" (later) "This will be our final battle!" (later) "Get ready! It all comes down to THIS!"
-Terrible dungeons that were simply straight paths. No fun, minimal exploration.
+Neat combat overall.

Really, its good soundtrack and Noa are why people think this game is good. Everything else is exactly why, as the description says, this game is "lost." It was only kinda meh when it came out, and just doesn't hold up anymore.

VainZiler3138d ago

Really don't see what was bad about the interface. Also how was the magic system broken? The dungeons I do have to sort of agree with you on though.

knifefight3138d ago

Randomized learning of magic just didn't sit well with me.

Certain arts not being on a list and forcing you to write them down was silly and inefficient. I mean some of them were like 8 button presses, but there was no saving of them in the game. Why would is save some Arts but not others?
And so on.

ZeroX98763138d ago

yeha dungeon sucked badly but the magic system was nice!