Celebrate Mother's Day with Gaming's Top 10 Moms

Capsule Computers writes:

1) Cooking Mama from well… Cooking Mama…

There has to be some kind of reason this chibi anime based game is a best seller. Well, besides the fluid gameplay… Cooking mama is just a plain addictive game, not so much for the characters, but for the feel of the game itself. However, no matter how badly you perform, Mama is usually there with a supportive smile and an assurance that she will “fix it”. Again, this leans towards maternal stereotypes, but Cooking Mama is probably THE most memorable gaming mom in existence. The simple design of the game couples a mother’s love for cooking with the notion of getting children involved and helping around the kitchen. This, to me, shows what moms typically try to do in reality. They will try to let children find their own feet, but will be there to help out if they falter. Couple this with that WINNING smile, and you have not only a great selling game, but a great selling character. Only Cooking Mama can make kniv...

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AndrewRyan3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

So sexist it isn't even funny. Well, maybe a little funny.

jeseth3141d ago

EVA/Big Mama not being on this list is the ultimate fail.

The author should just disconnect his/her keyboard and never try to pretend like they've ever played video games.

Burning_Finger3141d ago

OLGA is not on the list = fail.