Anon's Latest Press Release to Sony

Yet another footer in the annals of the continuing PSN debacle, "Hacker" group Anonymous has divulged a press release to Sony. The release (titled "Sony, I am Disappoint) address the issue of Sony bring up Anonymous' name in the recent press releases and statements to government officials

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Mr Tretton4165d ago

Nerds need to get a life.

No one living a normal happy life could be interested in the BS they do.

AndrewRyan4165d ago

Says the guy who disguises himself as Mr Tretton.

Esena4165d ago

Says the guys who disguises himself as Andrew Ryan... :)

Headquarters114165d ago

Mr Tretton when can we expect PSN back up?

If its not this week coming up, we WILL get you banned :)

Neko_Mega4165d ago

Would you kindly quit trolling.

Oh I said it, so you can't troll no more lol.

Great game.

Bull5hifT4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Its all Boxxy's Fault .... If there Queen wouldnt have let go of herself these nerds wouldnt have stopped FAPP'ing... And put there attention to Hacking the PSN

Kewl_Kat4164d ago

At least Tretton's a real person. Andrew Ryan on the other hand...

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Theonetheonly4164d ago

@Anon you've had your fun but........
Karma's a B&*%h

Mr Tretton4164d ago

"Says the guy who disguises himself as Mr Tretton."

Uhhh, who isn't using a moniker around here? Including you. You failed bro, and you failed hard.

MRMagoo1234164d ago

im not using one i really am Mr Magoo

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xtremeimport4164d ago

well, why wouldnt Sony think they had something to do with it? when you threaten Sony just weeks before this major breach happened I would point the finger at you as well. I know they usually take credit for their work, but who says it wasn't people who are apart of Anon that did this without the groups backing.

not sure why they would be surprised they are being blamed

Colmshan19904164d ago

And even if Anon didn't actually do the attack, they certainly weakened Sony, who had to try to fight them off all the while being infiltrated by the unknown hackers.

sulack4164d ago

Every single time "Anonymous" does something the media goes crazy. People get all pissed off and every single news site has posts like "Anon threatens to attack again". I know I am not the only one out there but I will tell you it grinds my damn gears. This popular concept that Anon is a group is ridiculous and only makes people look like idiots when they rage about how Anon says they will attack again. Let me clarify the stupidity behind those who think they actually do press releases.

1. Anonymous is not a group, they are not organised, they are random people around the world who know nothing about each other doing random shit for the fun of it.

2. Because they are not a group then ANYONE can join. Hacked a website? Hacked a school network? Trolled a forum? Egged the Scientology building? Want to get more people pissed off? Then call yourself Anon and no one will know any wiser.

3. Because ANYONE can join then ANYONE can make an Anon PR statement. That means 25 y/o experienced hackers and 13 y/o script kiddies (google it) can make a PR statement

4. Just because they did it once doesn't mean the same people are doing it repeatedly. One DDOS attack can be done by a completely different group of people every single time

So please dont be idiots and say that anonymous is a group and that anonymous said they are going to attack again cause its random people really.

TLDR: "We are ANONYMOUS" is a play on words and grammar.

rockleex4164d ago

Everyone knows that.

That's also one of the main reasons why people are so annoyed at "Anonymous".

That's why people have been calling this particular group of "Anonymous" just script kiddies.

nix4164d ago

we all know that. but like someone said down there.

"We are legion, when it's convenient."

when something goes wrong.. "it's not us anyone can join us and label us". when something goes right.. "oh.. we are legion. expect us.. blah blah blah.."

they need to sort out their house... otherwise one day they're all going down.

KidBroSweets24164d ago

You brought a wonderful idea to my attention. I'm wondering why there is not a group of people that's really ticked off at Anonymous that isn't out just making some random BS PR statements. Do you realize the comical nature of what could be done to Anon if this were to happen. Just completely outlandish statements, gay slures, racism and etc.(I in no way am racist or homophobic just to get that out there) Since no one knows who any of these Anon's are who are we to say those statements/videos wouldn't be legit. All I'm saying is if people really wanted to, they could do a number on Anonymous and tarnish their name. Maybe then they'll drop their lame name and stupid calling card, we are legion blah, blah, blah.

So how many people from the group Anonymous have to be involved for "Them" to say that in fact that it was them? Obviously more than a few. But then again, since anyone can be Anonymous who's to say that they aren't all Anonymous,... Anonymous? Anonymous is so lost that they have no clue what they are saying anymore, first anyone can be Anonymous then they can say who isn't and then anyone can be Anonymous again??? It's very clear that they are incompetent and without a ladder of power they are a complete mess and just keep saying a bunch of non-sense.

mantacore65624159d ago

i agree 100 percent. anonymous is just a name to call yourself if you wanna piss people off, and not an organized group. if they were then sony would have been hacked 5 years ago when some people tried to hack sony.

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morkendo234164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Mr Tretton when can we expect PSN back up?

If its not this week coming up, we WILL get you banned :)

best comment EVER!!! had me rolling on the floor.
............................. ............................... ............................... ...............

EDIT: in the NEW psn i hope sony have tracking firmware installed so they could track down hackers easier.

xAlmostPro4164d ago

I don't understand this, as in why make these videos?..

They clearly state it could have been rogue members of op sony or anonymous in general. Yet then they make videos saying they are disapointed in sony? why because the idiot who hacked was dumb enough to leave a file titled 'anonymous' ..

You've admited it could be a rogue member, now shut up.. you put your skills to great causes such as the fight on scientology, and taking down the baptist church, supporting wikileaks etc. Now go back to that stuff and stop being immature hypocritical idiots, thanks.

ChickeyCantor4164d ago

"No one living a normal happy life could be interested in the BS they do."

People can do more things in their lives.
You may not approve of what they do, but it makes you a shallow person for saying such thing.

And lol at 144 agrees,
I'm not even trolling here.

Brosy4164d ago

I bet that Anon reads these comments and are inspired to attack sony. I know if the hate spewd my way, I wouldn't care if I caused the haters more grief. I don't think any ps3 owner wants to piss off anonymous, atleast not the ones wanting to play on PSN.

ChickeyCantor4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

But for all we know its not the "Anon" who "fights" against "evil" corporations.
I mean anyone can pose as "Anon"...thats the big problem here.

There are already contradiction between arguments going around the internet.

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Ser4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

My hatred aside, 'Sony, I am Disappoint' made me laugh.

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zeeshan8104165d ago

LMFAOO @ this, "All these guys who try to speak for Anon as a whole just want to feel important for once in their miserable lives."

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GOODKyle4165d ago

Why are we still giving these a**holes attention? Seriously, a bunch of immature idiots who have nothing better to do than fight some meaningless plight against big companies.

TKCMuzzer4164d ago

Plus they seem to have dug themselves into a hole, a hole in which the sides are getting deeper.

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