PSM Dies, Returns as Playstation: The Official Magazine

The Official PlayStation Magazine will return with a new name, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and will replace PSM, the independent PlayStation magazine. The first new P:TOM will ship with a Blu-ray disc of demos.

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Cat4070d ago

and hopefully will be better than PSM, most issues this past year were a joke.

Twizlex4070d ago

I don't know, I kinda liked the fact that since they weren't "official", they would be able to be perceivably more honest about all things Playstation. Having the "Official" tag means that, much like OXM, I can't believe their reviews are anything close to being legitimately unbiased. Hopefully they do a better job on the discs, too, because the OXM discs are beyond frustrating.

lonestarmt4070d ago

I liked it too, but come on their reviews have been all over the place. Smackdown vs raw a 9? better than warhawk and heavenly sword? heck no. They gave heavenly sword a 7 and said it had a lots of elements from GoW then turns around and review conan and gave it 7.5 saying it coped Gow very obviously and said it was weaker than HS in several areas, yet it got a better score than it. Warhawk a 6.5???? Rock band game of the year contender?? Ever since they got that editor from the xbox mag, their reviews sometimes make no sense.... They review growlanser and say its just like the game before it, so its gets a 6, but then conan is just like Gow so its good so it gets a 7.5, so its very, very obvious they have a biased for those type of games and against rpgs. Not to mention that I am a subscriber and guess what I won't get the free blu-ray with demos, since its delivered to my house. So dumb. PSM good riddance.

WAR_MACHINE774070d ago

since Chris Slate left, the mag has been little better than toilet paper.

Twizlex4070d ago

Why wouldn't you get the discs? I get OXM delivered to my house and it comes with the disc, and the old Official Playstation Magazine also had the discs in them when I was a subscriber. I don't see why they wouldn't do it with this magazine too, especially considering it's the same company.

lonestarmt4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I say this because I have been getting psm since issue 1. They used to put stickers and ps one lids in it. Then a year or two ago. They start to put discs with psm, which i noticed once at the store. I emailed them and they said they couldn't send them in the mail for some lame reason. In fact they even mentioned that in one of thier letters in a former issue. So I am not 100% sure I will not get the blu-ray demo disc, but conisdering past history, I wouldn't be surprised.

Cat4069d ago

@ Twizlex:

I'm on board with liking that they weren't official. i'm not on board with the publication really only functioning as scrap.

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razer4070d ago

They are copying The Official Xbox Magazine model with having a demo disc with demos and blah blah blah..

Since they are both published by Future this makes sense..

Twizlex4070d ago

Well, the Official Playstation Magazine was around before OXM and it had a demo disc, so you can't really say anybody is copying off of OXM. You're right, though, they are both owned by Future now so it wouldn't matter anyways.

razer4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

So there was an Official Playstation Magazine before this? But they are out of business now? Or is there 2 Official Playstation Magazines now?

Im confused, but at the same time don't really give a sh!t. ahaha

Jrome4069d ago

if you don't give a sh!t why are you still here

Twizlex4069d ago

Yes, originally, there was the Official US Playstation Magazine, which came with a disc, and PSM, which was "independent". Probably a year ago, OPM stop publishing, and now PSM is becoming the "official" Playstation magazine. There is only one magazine... and there is no spoon.

Quickstrike4069d ago

OPM was around LONG b4 OXM so OXM copied OPM.
its been said b4 Microsoft cant come up with something new so they copy what is winning and sell it cheaper so they can be #1 at the cost of quality.

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Bonsai12144070d ago


they killed my favorite game mag when they got rid of Chris Slate. now they're not independent any more, which means chances are they'll be garbage.

LeonSKennedy4Life4070d ago

Hey though...this means more demo discs...which means we don't have to waste space on our harddrives for demos nemore. Here's hoping for a MGS4 demo via Blu-ray disc!

xionpunk4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

what the hell!? Psm was one of the greatest game mags ever created...when Chris Slate ran things. So long PSM you had a good run. As for the new 'official' mag? Blargh I'll just get my PS game news online.

Now that I think of it, maybe chris saw this coming and thats why he left and took the other job, ah who knows. this is upsetting, just like when the croc hunter died.

the worst4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

giving warhark 6.0 rating
creditable went right out window
(reply )very addicting game

Bonsai12144069d ago

gotta disagree worst. they gave it that score because it was half a game. no matter how you look at it, they rated the multiplayer very highly, but the lack of any single player hurt it.

they were being honest, something they did very often when Slate, Frost, Tokoya were around. (man, that was like, 5 years ago) then they got rid of Slate, and things just went down hill.

I still have their 5 year anniversary issue, and it was pure gold. i've since thrown out most of my psm's saving on the "good" ones. then i stopped subscribing like 3 years ago..

and about the demo disks, people always steal them out of the mag. oh well.

LeonSKennedy4Life4069d ago

the worst - I agree

Warhawk is WAY better than a 6. It's an addicting game.

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