Halo: a Defiant look at the franchise's future

ARS: Halo changed forever last month with the release of the Defiant Map Pack, a collection of new battlefields for the latest entry in the sci-fi videogame series. In most respects, the virtual killing fields—which give millions of Halo: Reach players new terrain upon which to splatter each other’s corpses—seem identical to the downloadable expansion packs Microsoft released for previous editions of the landmark Xbox game.

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dktxx22772d ago

I think if Microsoft doesn't milk the series, such as releasing a new halo title every single year, then the series can remain a powerhouse. That gives 343 time to get a feel for the fanbase and the direction they want to go with the game. However, If Microsoft does milk the series, I don't see how anything good can come of it.

MerkinMax2772d ago

343 is a newly formed studio with a bunch of EX Bungie talent and talent from all over the industry.

MintBerryCrunch2772d ago

good to know, and thank you

Kalowest2772d ago

So ture, The good thing so far is that it hasn't been milked. Every main Halo game took 3yrs to make.

Dsnyder2772d ago

Call of Duty killed Halo a long time ago.

Rikan2772d ago

Ever hear of Zelda? Mario? It has worked out pretty good lol If done properly, milking has paid off. I feel Halo, so long as it's right from the tap (No RTS/side show games) --it'll be popular/sell. Question is, can 343 carry the heavy multiplayer tortch/quality that Bungie delivered. IMO Halo has been the finest/polished MP game to date (COD great too, but I prefer Halo) .

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Redgehammer2772d ago

Great read. I believe that 343 studios will be up to the challenge. And to find out that Corrinne Yu is on the halo team really has me stoked, that chick is brilliant, and MS is lucky to have her.

KeiserSosay47882772d ago

I completely agree. I never understood the hate that the Halo series got, although I quit my obsession after Reach.(armor lock is laaaaaaame) As long as they make completely awesome MP with TONS of content and FEATURES, and don't milk it, then I don't have any problem with the Halo franchise.

Oh, make the freakin' movie already...jeeez

DarkBlood2772d ago

ya just mad your getting owned when u crash into them lol jks

Justin_bristoe2772d ago

halo the only reason i bought a 360 and lack of it is the reason i sold my 360

Neko_Mega2772d ago

I'm not sold on 343 studios doing a Halo game, seeing how their last game was Halo Wars.

I will miss Bungie.

Kalowest2772d ago

They didn't make Halo Wars, the original Age of empires devs did.

Neko_Mega2772d ago

Had their names on it, last I heard they were the ones that made it.

HK62772d ago

Halo Wars was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. Bungie had a little bit of a hand in the development. 343 was not involved in the production of Halo Wars although they are now taking control of it as Ensemble shut down.

mikeh09182772d ago

Uuuh no, ensemble studios made that.

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