GamesRadar: Celebrity Xbox Avatars

GamesRadar: Welcome to ClassicRadar, a weekly collection of GamesRadar’s greatest hits. Celebrity Xbox Avatars originally posted in two parts on Nov 25 and Dec 5, 2008, when these mandatory online doppelgangers had just been introduced and customization options were tediously limited. Considering what little I had to work with at the time, I’m pretty proud of how some of these turned out. Others? Not so much.

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NoobJobz3137d ago

Have avatars really been out since 2008? Time sure flies by. Depressing.

Rikan3137d ago

This is sweet lol I wish Steam had Avatars. Wii invented it, Xbox made it a little less cartoony (sort of, lol)

3137d ago Replies(1)
CNXN3137d ago

The Neo avatar looks more like Agent Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain IMO

Rikan3137d ago

@toasty Wii invented it, MS made it seem more hardcore market, and Sony copied but most don't know about it or care/Sony should concentrate on keeping their 'network' I believe Sony also ever-so-modestly (in true Sony fashion)copied MS achievement system. Sony rarely has original thoughts, they even copied the Wii. Move? There has to be some kind of copyright infringement. Somehow they managed to make motion gaming more embarrassing with their totally Japanese design lol