E3 2011 Countdown - Modern Warfare 3

MMGN writes: The Call of Duty juggernaut continues to roll on. Although yet to be officially announced, retailers have already begun taking pre-orders in anticipation of Modern Warfare 3's inevitable November 2011 release window. The first two Modern Warfare's made Activision a lot of money, and with three developers now sharing the duties -- Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Raven -- we should expect an explosive, action-packed threequel that stays true to the Modern Warfare brand. It won't be without its fair share of competition though, as the hyped Battlefield 3 attempts to topple the seemingly indestructible Call of Duty series from atop the FPS genre.

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3352d ago
SpLinT3352d ago

i hope it flops in sales

arjman3352d ago

You know it won't, you know it'll be the best selling CoD game of all time. It's the sad truth :(

AAACE53351d ago

IW is not making it so I will be skeptical.

Why do people hate this so much? If you don't like it just ignore it!

Games like this challenge other developers to dethrone them! You should hope it does well. It has made developers step it up.

You see how they had that weak Medal of Honor game that flopped, then they came back harder with the next MoH game.

Also, You see how DICE is stepping it up!

It's like we put something up for auction and these developers are placing their bids! What they are trying to win is our cash and respect!

We want them to battle because it's better for us!

You hating on 1 franchise and hoping it fails is like saying you are ok with your auction closing at $100, when it has the potential to hit $1 million!

3351d ago
Lilbambit3352d ago

im so burnt out with the series after the disappointment that was black ops. the sad part is that ill still end up buying this game

Enate3352d ago

As disappointed as I was in certain aspects of Black ops. There is still no TDM I have more fun playing currently. Though the new map pack has to be one of the worst purely designed for camping packs I have ever seen. I honestly hope Treyarch has nothing to do with anything in this next installment. Especially the map design, spawn system, hit detection and network infrastructure.

PoulCast3352d ago

One can only hope that this masterpiece of innovation will be released upon us! The immense creativity in this title is something I do not even dare thinking of.

IW.NET v.2.0? OH OH!

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