Ten Deadliest Video Game Lolitas

These girls may look like they’re made of sugar and spice, but they’re actually made of suppressed rage and hot lead. Decades ago, the idea of a violent young woman struck pure terror in the hearts of our sexist forefathers, but now-a-days, deadly teen girls are a symbol of girl-power coolness, and cliché-subverting action-comedy. They also provide gamers a chance to see which video game developers employ lots of creepy old perverts in their art department.

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LegitimateJournalist3134d ago

Does teen-aged Lara Croft from that one Tomb Raider game count?

Xof3134d ago

Depends. Most people (including whoever wrote this "article") don't seem to know what "lolita" means. The girl in the book, IIRC, was about 14, and the term is generally accepted to refer to ephebes, so roughly ages 14-16.

Basically, the period between start and end of puberty. Most of the characters in the article do NOT fit that criteria, so whether or not Lara Croft does depends on her age.

I doubt it, as I have a hard time imagining any character design of Lara Croft being physically immature.

LegitimateJournalist3133d ago

The fourth game, Tomb Raider The Last Revelation had a teen Lara Croft, complete with pigtails.