GTA IV: Would Have Been Out Today

Today should have been another landmark world-changing day for Rockstar. If everything had gone according to plan, you/me would have been on extended hiatus while Grand Theft Auto IV's incredibly detailed world sucked us in like a vacuum. But it wasn't to be

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Itachi4015d ago

How could they miss out the e3 2006 Microsoft announcement

AnalFace4015d ago

thankyou DVD9... bring on 2008

Chris_GTR14015d ago

wtf? how is space contraint gonna delay a game 6 months? the sh1tty ass ps3 programing is what delayed it. so far the only version that has been demo'd by R* has been the 360 version, obviously cause its the only one that was close to being done,dumbass

razer4015d ago

Thank you PS3 RAM limitations and development challanges.

(See I play that game too)

Skerj4015d ago

Thank you learning curve, polishing, and playtesting to make sure the game is top notch and doesn't suck ass on any platform when it eventually comes out.

*I play the game best*

Panthers4015d ago

Wow you retarded fanboys. The game was not done on any platform. When the game was demo'd by people, it had terrible framerates among other issues just like GTA SA had. They want to produce the best game possible, and a game like GTA 4 is going to take a while to make.

jay34014d ago

I need to give you a bubble just for being awesome.

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Chris_GTR14015d ago

it would of been out the 16th.. not the 19th.

Brawler4015d ago

Ya it was supposed to be the 16th and we cant say anything that you guys said above me we have no idea why the delayed it since they never said anything.

socomnick4015d ago

They never said anything but we know why it was the ps3 architecture being so difficult to program for. What game has been delayed on the xbox 360 because of it being difficult to program for.

Alvadr4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Tis a shame. But as gamers we are used to waiting.

And to all the haters who think its the PS3s fault:-

From IGN/Rockstar - Microsoft console hindering GTAIV

The truth is I dont think its any console fault, only that of Rockstar.

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The story is too old to be commented.