Gabe Newell Joining The Wii 2 Project, Nintendo Aims To Kill Competition

1. 2K Sports On HipHopGamerShow
2. Gamer Goddess - Captain America Interview
3. Motorstorm: Apocalypse 10/10
4. HipHopRss - Lacrae Gospel Rapper Shocking The Industry

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MultiConsoleGamer2814d ago

The movie "The Mack" was actually based on Gabe Newell.

Active Reload2813d ago

"You don't pay a hoe to f*ck. You pay them to leave!"

M-Easy2814d ago

Lol yeah he's a BIG Mac with extra ketchup judging by the color of his shirt. Seriously though Gabe is BIG pimpin, I bet he loves it when they call him BIG papa.

All fat jokes aside those chicks are giving some real physical contact, the chick on his right is rubbing his belly, the one on the left has her hand on his knee. Go Gabe you big old polygamist.

KeiserSosay47882814d ago

No, seriously he banged those the same time....while eating....

Elimin82814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

M-Easy....."he's a BIG Mac with extra ketchup"

So the white stripes are mayo and the burgundy/black stripes are bacon?

I lol'd so loud my head hurt.. You mean bastard. I actually thought that too. You just beat me to it....

BlmThug2814d ago

He Did Pay For Those Prostitutes SO No Surprise Theyre Touching Him

solideagle12814d ago

guys can i ask one question?

why hiphop gamer always gives a score greater than 9? i dont get it.


LOGICWINS2813d ago

Because he doesn't want to burn any bridges. He wants as many devs and publishers in his corner as possible. Thats one of the reasons he defends Sony so hard in his vids. I can't really blame him. He just wants to make it to the top.

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LOGICWINS2814d ago

@HHG- IMO, you should have put the info about Valve in the BEGINNING of the vid cause thats the only thing people on N4G care about...but I understand your audience extends beyond N4G so watevs.

Its good to see that ur trying to give the GamerGoddess some shine..but those interviews are boring IMO. With Starhawk, UC3, and Infamous 2 on the horizon, ur really think people give a shit about Captain America and Thor videogames on this site?

btk2814d ago

Damn but he is fat....
Is he living on MacDonald's and beer?

LOGICWINS2814d ago

Being fat is con in certain respects, such as playing physical sports or running long distances...but from my experiences, being fat will RARELY stop you from getting the hottest chk at the party if u have a good game.

limewax2814d ago

Maybe where you are but not over here, Wish I could say the same, some friends of mine have real tough times

LOGICWINS2814d ago

Yeah, there are TONS of stuck up bitches out there, but for the majority, weight isn't an issue unless your one of those 300 pounders lol.

Darkfocus2814d ago

your town must be have a negative ratio of males to females...

limewax2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

No ratio is fine, its just UK seems to be that way, Its funny, A lot of girls over here will take a twig thin guy first. That said, UK girls couldn't really be much easier if they tried anyway so I guess it balances out

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Pandamobile2814d ago

That's not Gabe in the picture, it's an old photoshop.

NRG2814d ago

No, he lives on fortune.

M4I0N32814d ago

i think hes lost quite a lot of weight tbh. I think hes at his biggest in that pic.

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jack who2814d ago

i dont see wat the important of this guy is to Nintendo

RememberThe3572814d ago

He own Valve. Valve is a very influential company in this industry. Having Valve games on their system will attract more core gamers.

NYC_Gamer2814d ago

because 3rd party support is very important for this new console

blumatt2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Getting Valve to develop on the new Nintendo console would be a good look. I'm loving Portal 2 and I'm sure the next Portal will be on the new Nintendo too, so that's good for Nintendo fans.

rabidpancakeburglar2814d ago

Wii2 won't kill the competition, the original Wii will probably continue to sell well but I'm not sure how the Wii2 will perform

Godmars2902814d ago

Where Gabe has openly and repeatedly complained about and dismissed the PS3, has he even talked about the Wii?

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