The Halo Over Xbox 360

David Dennis, a Microsoft spokesman (in a gloating mood), said Halo 3 sold more copies than all games made for the competing PlayStation 3 console for the months of May, June, July, August and September combined.

The success of Halo 3, which is exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox 360, appears to have driven sales of that console. According to NPD, Microsoft sold 528,000 360s, compared to 500,001 Nintendo Wiis and 119,000 PlayStation 3s.

And the PlayStation 3, well, it has settled into a comfortable third place among the next-generation platforms. A price cut announced this week may spur sales over the holiday season, but people could imagine that the curriculum makers at Harvard Business School may eventually make a case study of Sony's inability to maintain its leadership in the console wars.

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i rule4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

just report everything nasim says as spam.he never has anything to say but a sony marketing line. same for good ganja WAIT B3YOND

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sak5004020d ago

OMG u guys still read these turds comments. I've ignored em so i dont bother

SWORDF1SH4020d ago

youre jus as bad as nasim. "WAIT B3YOND". thats jus a childish comment expected from a fanboy. i like the ps3 and prefer it to the 360 but i dont go slaggin the 360 off. if you feel like puttin something right then at least use facts and leave the fanboy comments out of it. and bloodmask i wouldnt expect anything less from you. do you actually pride yourself on tryin to give the ps3 as much bad press as possible. what effect do you think you and other people with have by posting stuff like this. that goes for ps fanboys to. do you think you can change the way the next gen pans out. i fed up of twisted facts and twisted stories. for example "wii success forces sony to sell chip factory" or something like that. i mean wtf. and then you got article about how ps3 is gonna stomp over the 360 come christmas. i really do like coming on here and readin comments but people like bloodmask (and whatever other name he goes by) and nasim have always got one thing on there mind and thats to make the other console look bad. il support sony but theres more respectable ways to go about it why cant everybody do the same and make N4G a better place. (damn i should get a award for that speech)

lonestarmt4020d ago

I'm happy for halo, but this is getting annoying. Why does a story saying halo has sold this many copies and ps3 is in third place going to get approved every five mins on this site??? How about some new news??? Lets see how many slighty different ways to say how Halo is the God of everything... there is more to life, lol.

razer4020d ago

"Why the PS3 will comeback in XXXXX".. How many fortune telling articles does this site need?

lonestarmt4020d ago

not its not. The ps3 may or may not comeback in the lead, you can discuss it. Halo is good and sold a lot, got good reviews let it go. Not these, Halo sold XXXX copies stories again, halo destroys everything else, love halo or shut up, halo in churches, halo making a movie, halo soft drink, halo perfect review scores, can halo save M$, halo effect kills the wii, halo effect kills this and that, again and again. All these stories come down to is butt kissing of halo and if you disagree you get flamed with 15 disagrees...

TheSadTruth4020d ago

notice how the Xbox 360 articles are mostly from respectable websites while every PS3 article I see is from some Playstation propaganda website.. It really gets kind of annoying seeing "BUY A PS3 THIS CHRISTMAS" - PSU.COM.. and there really aren't that many Xbox sites promoting that sort of fanboy news. Just an observation...

ActionBastard4020d ago

via XboxKings...See what I did there?

Real Gambler4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

3.3 TheSadTruth: "notice how the Xbox 360 articles are mostly from respectable websites ...and there really aren't that many Xbox sites promoting that sort of fanboy news. Just an observation..."

You saying this, and yet, this article comes from a blog.

Fact 1: Matt Richtel as posted 20 articles ONLY in the last 2 months in a half.

Fact 2: Out of 20 articles, he took a stab at Sony today, and in 5 more articles of the 20 is has produced so far.


6 articles against Sony out of the 20 he has made so far in his BLOG.

Quite reputable indeed! Why do I have a feeling that the guy doesn't like Sony..... Oh yes, because one third of the articles posted by Richtell are against Sony. Any idiot can tell you what he thinks in a blog, yet it doesn't mean anything because it's a blog. And sure enough, it's posted as news here, in N4G, everytime, because guys like you think blog like those are reputable!!!

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TheXgamerLive4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Congrats to Microsoft and to Bumgie. With it(Halo 3)only being out the last week of September that's one hell of a September sales month.

Once the general public starts seeing Mass Effect on TV it's going to cause another explosion.

Bloodmask4020d ago

to be true that Xbox 360 gamers do buy the highest percentage of games. Halo 3 is truly the killer app of 2007.

No doubt that Halo 3 will push 360 sales even higher for the months of Oct, Nov, and Dec...because of the Holiday shopping season.

Sony seems to realize that the 360 is really starting to take off. That is most likely why they cut the price of PS3 again in less than a year. Almost seems like a desperation move. Halo 3 seems to really have injected some fear into Sony.

MikeGdaGod4020d ago

why do you guys always say that like it means something???

if that system came out before any of the others, there would be more games available and more time for gamers to build up their library for that system.

OF COURSE they would have more games

SWORDF1SH4020d ago

bloodmask what you jus said is stupid. did you get youre other screen names to agree with you on this comment??

Sez 4020d ago

bloodmask is right look it up. 360 has the highest attach rate of any next gen system out. 360 has more games that sold over a million units.out of most most mutliplat game released at the same time. 360 sold more game hand down. even new IP's sold more on 360 compared ot ps3. so yes more 360 owners buy more games than ps3 owners.