Guitar Hero III (X360) is available as a free legal download

All of you rockin' gamers out there have who have been waiting for Guitar Hero III need not wait any longer - Softpedia is pleased to let you know that you can download the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero III demo for free.

And before you get your knickers in a twist - it's legal.

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Twizlex4016d ago

Or you could just buy the newest Official Xbox Magazine, or probably just wait a week and download it from the marketplace.

Ri0tSquad4016d ago

but how ironic is this tho?

Norad64016d ago

Title is misleading. Put the word "demo" somewhere in the title!

Cat4016d ago

zomg, it's approved. once a story is approved the only thing you can do is add updates.

wil4hire4016d ago

Can you download the peripherals? Or do you still have to physically get those :P

Syko4016d ago

RTFA, Creepy internets guy....

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4016d ago

man seriously I actually thought they meant the whole game. What a misleading title, but thats good news for 360 gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.