Actor Seth Green Calls Mass Effect "Choose Your Own Adventure"

Kotaku's Mark Wilson is quite excited about the potential of Mass Effect's dialog system. Actor Seth Green actually cut around 6 hours of voice for the game (he plays that character 'Joker',) and he gave this insight to the experience:

It's kind of like a "Choose Your Own Adventure," where all the dialogue is interactive. I would just record a couple of different options. You know, if the player went in a particular direction I'd react to it with this line or if they chose this direction I'd react to it with that line. They'd show me a cool picture and say, "This is what's happening," and I'd react with "OH MY GOSH, YOU BETTER GET OUTTA THERE NOW!"

Green's full interview is available at MTV Multiplayer. He discusses his character Joker, sheds light on recording for the fluid dialogue system that the game promises and reveals that he's actually not that good at video games…

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RadientFlux4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Overall an interesting read...

It's nice to see a more interactive dialog approach, instead of being able to see a list on how you can interact with a character then being able to choose every option listed.

EDIT: For the people that who won't actually read the article. Seth Green is talking about how the dialog is like "Choose Your Own Adventure" not the entire game.

kss4019d ago

i hate this jew bastard he talks too much

Ps3Fanboy7774019d ago

This site might not be very good for great conversation but dang people say some funny ass stuff.

As of now im not impressed with Mass Effect at all. It comes out in less than a month and still rare to see actual gameplay videos.

While talking to fake characters im sure is fun for some of you, to me it seems really dumb...

All I want to know is WTF does the GAMEPLAY look like. Can I shoot the guy im talking to in the head if I dont like what he says? Thats choice.

socomnick4019d ago

lol wow lot of hate toward the guy from buffy the vampire slayer.

razer4019d ago

@#2 - I sense much anger in you.

@2.1 - Have you been living under a rock?? There have been tons of developer walkthru's and gameplay videos.. No you can't just shoot the guy in the head in the middle of dialog trees, but there is plenty of head shooting and vehicle driving, etc in the game.. It's a freakin Action style RPG.. Can you interrupt someone in Oblivion while they are talking and chop their head in half? I'm sure it will work along the same lines. Go play Resistance or something because I think this game is over your head.

kss4019d ago

thank you bro but it wasnt meant to be funny its a statement