Week Recap: PS3 PSN outage; Xbox 360 Kinect; Wii 2; PSP pummels 3DS

Media Create Co. this week said the Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 ranked third in hardware sales in the latest Japan retail data amid an outage of the Playstation Network division

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Trroy4284d ago

I know this is upsetting to the blind fanboys, but having the 3DS pummelled is a good thing, folks. Maybe it'll actually force Nintendo to get off their handheld tails and make some good stuff for their new console.

Having an effective monopoly never seems to do anything good for the consumers.. competition is good.

upturned24284d ago

Interesting way to look at it, but it seems like this can't do that. It's not like they didn't know their ideas are a little screwy. I hope for the best for their new console too.

InLaLaLand4284d ago

The competition will start when NGP arrives (I guess). I think the recent coverage of the 3D headaches may have stopped some from buying it (I'm waiting for a newer model).

When Ocarina is released it might change.

DarkTower8054284d ago

Headaches, systems crashing, limited sight range for 3D picture, and high pricepoint all contribute to less than steller sales. The word of mouth isn't good and Ocarina can't fix that.

VampiricDragon_4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

The facts are the 3ds is actually not getting beaten as bad by the psp right now as the ds was getting beaten by the psp and gba when it first launched.

Considering the 3ds is actually outpacing the ds in terms of sales right now . I doubt nintendo cares about this sensationalized shit.

Considering the 3ds is pummeling the psp in US and Europe (which is what kept the ds in the game until the software came in which japan was quickly lost)

all is basically going the same way

Listen to EEDAR's Jesse on g4 podcast if you want to hear the exact same thing

Trroy4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

The main difference is that the PSP is a last gen handheld, that's been on the market for 6 years now. Kinda different from the DS vs PSP back in 2005.

stealth500k4283d ago

Actually its exactly the same. The only difference is this time the 3ds is only loosing to 1 cheaper system in the beginning.

The ds was losing to the gba and psp by alot bigger margins than now. In fact the gba was outselling the psp and ds when they first came out. You know why? because its cheaper

the 3ds is outpacing the ds at the beginning. Thats the only thing that matters. Whats outselling what at this stage of the game is irrelevant.

r1sh124284d ago

i sort of agree....I think the whole 3D thing is a waste of time because super HD will be out soon.
Japan seems so sure 3D is the future but its nothing amazing, I know from friends who have tried the 3Ds they say "its pretty good, but I dont see the point"

B1663r4284d ago

3d is in its death throws. Was at theater this weekend to see Thor... 2d Thor allocated to a single theater was sold out show after show. 3d Thor had two theaters, plenty of seats.

Finally the theaters will be getting the message and start to phase out 3d...


matey4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

agree its times like this that make a games console much better because nintendo will work harder to make the 3ds games even better know but i really cant see any competition when the 3ds has

NFS the run/ Super mario
Star fox 64/ Mario kart
Ocrina of time/ Mercenaries
Revelations/ Mega man 3
MGS 3DS/ Crysis 3DS
DOA Dimentions/ Time crysis
PES 12/ Driver renegade
Fifa 12/

these are a few games in which are coming well before the release of psp2 and this is before E3 expect tons of games at E3 4 3DS also games that work across STREAM HD/3DS

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blumatt4284d ago

It's good to see the PSP doing so well. It truly is a testament to its awesome software catalogue to see it outselling a BRAND NEW handheld, and a Nintendo one at that! I can't wait for the PSP2 to come out myself. Can't wait to play cross platform games between PS3 and PSP2! Bring it to us Kojima!

Also, I hope to see PSN up sometime this week. And I hope to see those hackers in handcuffs. It's pitiful that's all they can do is sit around and hack consoles. I want hackers in jail so they can't hack into PSN or XBL. Stay away from our online gaming, douchebags!

VampiricDragon_4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

Do some research dude

the 3ds is outpacing ds sales right now. I highly doubt nintendo gives a crap about your fanboyism

Listen to EEDAR's Jesse on g4 podcast if you want to hear the exact same thing.

If you did research youd find its actually quite common for an older cheaper system to outsell a newer one. In fact it happens every single gen

blumatt4284d ago

I didn't say the 3DS wasn't selling well. I just stated that it's good to see the PSP doing so well too, seeing as it's like 6 year old. How many 6 year old handhelds do you see selling like that? The PSP has alot of good games that have come out in the last year and some that have yet to come out for this year.
The Third Birthday
FF Agito 13
FF Duodecim
etc. etc.

Again, the 3DS will sell well, no doubt about it, but you can't deny that it's quite a feat for the supposedly "crappy" PSP to be doing so well. The PSP sells well because of good GAMES. That's why the PS3 is selling well. Good GAMES! That's what consoles are for. GAMES!

With all the GAMES the PS3 is packing in 2011 and into 2012, expect to see THAT console do exceptionally well too.

Stealth20k4284d ago

Actually it sells because in japan its 100+ dollars cheaper than the next option. Thats really why.

The gba sold like that. The gameboy color sold like that.

In the handheld world the cheapest system always outsells the newer one until the revisions came out

The psp and gba were crushing the ds for 1.5 years until the first price drop and revision and it was off to the races.

phinch4284d ago

Oh i do like this spin on things, still doesn't change the fact it was first out of all consoles last week World wide

Valk4284d ago

"Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 3DS handheld struck back at Sony Corp.’s PSP to take top hardware sales in the latest Japan tally"

LOL Some fanboys just cant accept the truth. Funny though how sales matter now when its a Sony product beating a Nintendo product. When it was Wii beating PS3 sales didnt matter at all. Now that they have made up numbers showing their prefered company winning sales matter again.

Kyur4ThePain4284d ago

How do you know what "fanboys" used to say about sales? You've only been on N4G for 23 days. Oh, wait....I get it.

dragon824284d ago

LMFAO!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh Kyru. Here have a bubble. :)

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