The Five Best Bitch Fights in Gaming

John from NAGF writes: "Is there anything more hypnotic than watching two girls duking it out, Paul McKenna aside? If there is we’ve yet to find it.

"Fortunately for us, the gaming world is full of girl-on-girl grudge matches that always take it one step too far. Whether it’s a blood feud, vengeance or intense rivalry, the claws always come out when these lassies catch each others’ eyes. Here are our favourite five bitch fights in gaming!"

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BK-2013090d ago

There wasn't much of one at all between Chloe and Elena.

e-p-ayeaH3089d ago

that´s what makes Uncharted so charming

NotAGF3089d ago

There's an obvious resentment between the pair though that only really thaws out close to the end of the campaign when they have no other option BUT to work together.

Terarmzar3089d ago

That wasn't much of a fight lol. More like an argument turned into a shootout.

zeal0us3089d ago

is using the term "bitch" really necessary? could got you point across without using it.

AlienFodder3089d ago

Just grow the hell up, will ya?

GLoRyKnoT3089d ago

"Cat Fight" would have been sufficient.

SeraphimBlade3089d ago

Wasn't there an awesome bitch-slap fight like twenty minutes into the second disc of FFVII? That's what I thought of.

There's probably gonna be something like that in ME3. For me, at least when Ashley learns I'm with Tali now.

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