Sony Becomes First Game Manufacturer to Recognize CAD-USD Parity

On behalf of Canadian gamers everywhere, thank you Sony!

Last week, Sony finalized PSN parity by launching Everyday Shooter at $9.99 for both America and Canada. That was a huge step in the right direction.
Now, the 80GB PS3 and 40GB are being priced at $499 and $399 (respectively) for both the U.S. and Canadian markets! This is unheard of - not only in the gaming market, but in nearly every market there is.

Proof can be seen at any major retailer's site:

No word on price corrections by Microsoft or Nintendo at this point.

For those who didn't know, Canadians have been paying roughly 7-10% more on our gaming purchases for the past 4 weeks, despite having an equal dollar.
Sony could be the catalyst that changes other industries, such as the vehicle market, where Canadians are still paying 20+% more for our cars.

Sony didn't have to do this, and I think they should be recognized for being a pioneer in fair pricing. So, this thread would be a great place to simply say thanks!

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bym051d4106d ago

It's an even better deal for Canucks with the Canadian Dollar strength over the US Dollar.

PS3n3604106d ago

the canadian dollar is currently worth 3 cents more than the us doller. For a $400 CDN console we are paying $412 USD Damn you Sony I want my $12.

Real Gambler4106d ago

You're always hoping they will somehow listen to us, but in this case, not only they were listening, but they also acted on it really fast!!!

Way to go Sony!

Expy4106d ago

Soon enough, the Canadian retail prices should drop below the U.S. retail since the dollar value keeps rising.

talannon4106d ago

Yeah... don't count on that lol

pilotpistolpete4106d ago

Thats great news. Maybe cars manufacturers will get the message. But I doubt it. Greedy bastards they are.

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The story is too old to be commented.