PC Gamers Rev Their Chainsaws: Gears of War for Windows Goes Gold

Microsoft Game Studios announced today that the eagerly-awaited "Gears of War" for Windows has gone gold and will hit retailers throughout North America on November 6th.

In addition to retaining all of the content from its Xbox 360 counterpart and all previously released downloadable content (seven multiplayer maps and the Annex game mode), "Gears of War" for Windows will feature exciting original content, all-new Achievements to unlock, and ultra-high resolution visuals. Five new campaign chapters expand upon the riveting story (including an epic battle with the fearsome Brumak), and the action-packed multiplayer offering is bolstered with three exclusive multiplayer maps, a "King of the Hill" game type, and Games for Windows – LIVE support to deliver online matchmaking for Gold members. A new game editor will allow users to develop an unlimited number of user-created levels with complete access to the Unreal Editor.

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Ps3Fanboy7774020d ago

But EPIC shot themselves or GAINED (depending how you look at it) with releasing only to the 360 console last year.

Could you imagine how many copies this game would have sold if it was on all 3 platforms :O

As far as now the PC industry is in a weird funk mainly due to the consoles, which as a PC gamer I got to say sucks.

Not to mention what do you play this with, 8800gtx? While that card is pretty much the best out, its still a 1st gen dx 10 card and for the most part sucks.

Dont know how sales will turn out but cant wait to see.

gw4k4020d ago

Gears on Wii.......OH GOD!

socomnick4020d ago

Enjoy this pc gamers its a great game. :)

LeonSKennedy4Life4020d ago

Actually, you could run it on full with an 8600...

Seriously, test it out. It runs just fine.

DiGiTaL Ki11eR4020d ago

great game! but all three platforms????! enjoy guys.

g4n4020d ago

we allready get to see gay at war on the lolbox... now its going to infest PC's... FAR to much gay action for me...

LeonSKennedy4Life4020d ago


I'm a PS3 owner and I WANT this game! You, sir, are drunk!

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