Obsidian: We Wish New Vegas 'Wasn't Glitchy'

Talking exclusively to Play, Obisidian CEO Feargus Urquhart talked honestly about Obsidian's reputation as a 'buggy' developer and why Dungeon Siege III will avoid the same fate.

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Kalowest3692d ago

I enjoyed both AP and KOTOR2.

BakedGoods3691d ago

I think New Vegas was mostly a result of Bethesda's engine. I mean, Fallout 3 was buggy as hell too.

AP was simply rushed by Sega. A real shame too.

Kalowest3691d ago

I trying to platinum AP, need to play it thought 1 more time.

PirateThom3691d ago

I wish Alpha Protocol hadn't been rushed out by Sega, it was a stunningly well thought out game with tons of potential... sadly, they'll never get a chance to correct it.

That doesn't excuse Obsidian, their games speak for themselves.

Shmotz3691d ago

I enjoy New Vegas but it is prone to glitching and freezing. Sadly my save data hit 1MB last night and now the game runs like ass. Which makes me sad as I just bought the .50 Cal Sniper Rifle.

bigtrucknd3691d ago

I will not buy another game with obsidian's name on it.

Prototype3691d ago

Failout: New Glitches
Alpha Failcall

Both games were good in their own merit (AP was ok with the multiple story paths, and Fallout had far too many damn bugs) however they should have took the time to either polish the games (delays) or stop trying to hype every game as the second comming!

My biggest piss off about New Vegas - you can't continue once you beat the main story. In 3 after the Broken Steel DLC it was possible but I hate how you gotta do everything before starting the final mission.

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