Modern Warfare 3 Announcement Coming Around E3

All the evidence suggests that the next game in Infinity Ward's overwhelmingly-popular contemporary shooter spin-off is set to be revealed very soon

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iamnsuperman4284d ago

no doubt it will be one of Microsoft big games at their conference. Doesn't this happen every year. E3 and COD come hand in hand

vickysud4285d ago

NOT INTRESTED IN THIS SHIT not gonna waste my money again Black ops was bad

TronEOL4285d ago

I'm curious of how they're going to sell a game that is involved in a court case. I have no idea how the law works, but for some reason that doesn't sound right. Usually you can't continue selling something that you don't exactly fully own.

No matter, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Solid_Malone4284d ago

yeah i wonder how that pans out